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Monday, October 16, 2006

I know the way to San Jose...and it is far

I love my brother. He is weird, funny, protective, loving, obnoxious and charming...even if he doesn't want to admit it. No matter how old he or I get he will always be Robby to me. Try as he may, I will never call him Robert. Partly because it is too formal for me and partly because I am one of very few who can get away with calling him Robby and not get hurt. I have trained my children to follow in my footsteps. Except for the few short months that Red called him "Uber Body" instead of Uncle Robby. Too bad that didn't stick.
Better yet, Robby got married and managed to make beautiful little family with my sister in law. My nephews are adorable and sometimes I think I might sneak em home with me. Until I remember that Dan and I have already created a zoo of our own.
My sis in law just got offered a job in San Jose as a school psychologist. She has been aspiring to be a school psychologist for as long as I can remember and her dream is finally coming true and wisking her and the family up North. Although I am so happy for the new adventure that faces them I am so sad that our "clan" is starting to spread its wings.
I remember how good it was for Dan and I when we first got married to be on our own, away from family. We became even closer and it really taught us to rely on one another as our own family unit. In some ways I envy their fresh start and in others I feel I have already moved enough to last a lifetime!
Anyway, these last few days have been sad for me. My big brother is moving away. I already feel as though I don't get enough time with him. I know they will be home for holidays and such, but it just won't be the same.


Catch said...

Those babies are so beautiful!!!! Im sorry your brother is moving....I am very close with one of my brothers and he and his family moved back here about 5 years ago, its so nice to know he is nearby.

Christina_the_wench said...

I'm sorry he is moving, Kristin. And I am envious of your relationship. It is so cool when brothers and sisters become close like that.

those children are precious.

Gingers Mom said...

Thanks you guys. I am sad, but happy for them.

To clarify, that is my nephew Alex and my son Brady (the baby). The other picture is my brother Robby and Brady. I was gonna put up more pics of Zechariah but blogger gave me the finger.

QueenieCarly said...

Just think of all the time you'll be able to spend visiting them in the beautiful northern part of the state! I know how sad you must be, but you'll just have to visit often!

Mimi said...

So darn cute! OMG!

I am sorry your bro is moving but it sounds like a good thing. You are very lucky to have a big bro. I have a half one but he wants nothing to do with me. He has daddy abandonment issues apparently. I am glad that you appreciate having a sibling. Everyone tells me I am nuts cause I wish I had one!

Ms.L said...

Awww,I'd be sad too.
I love that your kids call him Uncle Robby.
Durell's brother is Rob but once when Devon was wee,Rob's girlfriend called him BOB as a joke. Haa,well when Devon heard that he switched from Uncle Rob to Uncle Bob and now my kids are the only ones who call him that,lol
He was a good sport about it and now signs everything with his true name hee hee

It's hard when family moves away but you know what I found?
The relationship gets better with distance. You appreciate them more(if that's at all possible) and it becomes even more special:)

DreadPyrateRobert said...

Besides...um, hi...it's not like you really see me that often anyway. I sleep through church. We'll still be coming down for as many major events as possible.
I'm having a hard time with it somewhat myself, but faithful feet follow where God leads. Consider this a warm-up for when we actually leave the state in a few years and stake our claim to a little piece of Washington.
We're gonna miss you too, btw. With a family like ours there is never enough time together. Love you.

Robert aka Big Brother(Who is in fact, and shall continue to be, watching you)

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

He'll still be pretty close :(:(:( atleast it's not like, Maine or anything like that! :)