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Thursday, September 07, 2006

100 Things Part 3 and Another convert

I am happy to say to you today that I have successfully converted another. If you look to your right you may see another link added to my Weirdos Wise Souls and Chuckleheads list. This one would definitely fall under that category of Weirdos...maybe chuckleheads... My dearest friend, Shana has finally caved into my endless begging and has started a blog. Go check her out at It's All About the Food. My kinda gal! Let's give her a good warm welcome.

And now for my next installment of 100 things...

31. I have allergies. I don't know what the hell I am allergic too, but I constatly sound like I have a cold. It drives me crazy. I think I am going to finally cave in and go to an allergist. One doc told me that if I ever want to breathe right I am going to have to have a nose job. That might not be bad since I hate my nose anyway. It was all smashed up and crooked when I was born. Really crooked. It straightened out mostly, but I have always hated it.

32. I am terrible with my hands. Anything remotely artsy is impossible for me. This seems unfair to me since my brother, Kevin is a fantastic artist. I can't even paint my own nails without them looking like Red did it. Really...it's that bad...

33. I hate crafts. HATE. CRAFTS. Someone call CPS right now because I never do crafts with my kids. Probably because of #32. I hate joining women's groups at church because they always make you do some craft. Can I just meet with a nice group of mommies that does not include popcicle sticks and glitter? Please? And yes to all you scrapbookers, that is crafting too. Ick.

34. When I was about 4 or so I fell in our front yard and sliced the inside of my wrist on the corner of the walkway. I still remember that so clearly. It was a bad cut. I still have the scar. I remember my mom rushing me inside and plunking me into the bath. I was screaming for my daddy. When daddy finally came home they held me over the sink and poured hydrgen peroxide over the wound. I HATED the way it bubbled and sizzled. To this day I am scared of the stuff. Dan likes to chase me around with it whenever I have a cut. Naughty man.

35. I have only been in love once in my life. How lucky is that?

36. I love Dr. James Dobson. No, he is not the one and only love of my life... But I truly respect and admire his theories on raising children and have read many of his books. I feel like he has a truly Godly perspective on parenting.

37. I have a teeny tiny bladder and a weak mind. If you even mention the bathroom, I am gonna have to pee. Road trips are fun with me.

38. I love school supplies but HATED school. There is just something irresistable about a notebook with all that fresh lined paper.

39. Growing up we often called erasers "rubbers". Hee hee. How funny is that? Does anyone else remember that?

40. My favorite color is purple. Lavender really. When I was a kid I had a purple coat. My friend Kelly was really jealous of me. I think she still is. I still tease her because the purple coat is still mine. And not hers.

41. I once saw my brother in law naked. It was not by choice and I am still scarred by it. He and his girlfriend at the time showed up at a party naked. Yes...I said naked. No...no one else was naked. The invitation did NOT say "clothing optional". So yes I saw my BIL naked. And yes, I got the good brother.

42. I am thinking about having a tummy tuck.

43. I hate those Scion and Element cars. They should be banned from the road. It should be illegal to make me look at something so ugly.

44. I would like to move to Texas. I love California but I think we could have a better lifestyle there. The schools are better, we could have a big and beautiful house, Dan could support us on a non military income... I just need to convince my family...

45. When I am in pain, I like to read directions on medicines bottles and boxes. Weird? Yes. I guess that started when I was younger and would have TERRIBLE cramps. I would sit in the bathroom and pick up anything close by and concentrate on it. So now, when I am in pain sometimes I will pick up anything near by, like Mineral Ice and read all the fine print. Hmmm...that IS weird.

46. I wish I had taken more time to travel before I was married and before we had kids. I sometimes wonder if I will ever see Europe.

47. Why is it that whenever someone says something rude to me I just stay quiet and don't know what to say? But if I am in a sassy mood and have comebacks armed and ready no one will be rude to me. Sometimes I just like looking for a fight.

48. My MIL once told me that Dan would never love me as much as he loves her. She was wrong.

49. I like chocolate chips on my peanut butter sandwich.

50. I need to have plans to have a good time. I am not one of those people who can wake up on a Saturday morning and just see how the day unfolds. We need to plan at least 1 thing to do so I can relax. It doesn't need to be a chore...it has to be something fun.


What's For Dinner? said...

You are a kook my friend. If you check mine you will notice I already added another post!
Love ya

Jessia Snow said...

Okay, wait...how does wanting a tummy tuck make you hate crafts? I must be missing something. Anyhow, I say that you get anything done that makes you feel better about yourself. I happen to think you're a knockout, but it would be nice for you to *feel* like one as well. I'm sorry you had to see T naked. Truly. And I do the same thing with medicine bottles. I read shampoo and conditioner labels too. I guess we're both weird.

Jessia Snow said...

Oh. You meant #32. I get it.

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Hey Kris,

Never told you this before, but you're a genius. I love the chocolate chips on a peanut butter sandwich idea and am more than a little peeved that I didn't think up that idea myself. Here's one I have used: taking a spoonful of peanut butter and dipping it straight into a bag of chocolate chips. Yummy, or as they say here in Japan, oishi.

#41. I remember that party. I still laugh about it today.

Oh, I take exception to #35... I've been in love 100 times and have been hurt by 99 of them. And I feel like the luckiest man in the world to have found my hundredth.


ps: that's something that you could reference in your 100 things list... how many relationships that you guys have brought together... you're quite the matchmaker.

Gingers Mom said...

Shana - Oooh...I'm off to read the latest post.

Jess - Yes, I meant 32. I changed it. Thanks. You're a knockout too. I'll read anything in the bathroom. I like to read shampoo too. Hee hee.

Mike - Are you sure it was "LOOOOOVE?" You are so lucky to have found Nicki. Seriously. you're a changed man. Ha ha. I think you guys are the only successful set up. We should try again sometime....

Weinraub Family said...

WOO HOO, I am glad to have found a kindred spirit...I LOVE chocolate chips on my peanut butter sandwhiches!!

I want a tummy tuck and a boob lift. I don't want to be a model, I just want the body g-d gave me before I had kids. I can work out and loose weight, but nothing is going to get rid that stretched skin, or lift my boobs back up after having 2 kids hang off them.

So with you on the craft thing. I am horrible. Scrapbooking is a cult..one that I wish somedays I had the talent for though!

Ok, off to make a sandwhich!

Gingers Mom said...

W family -Someone else knows my mom's secret recipe??
Sign me up for the tummy tuck and the boob lift!! I am scaaared of what these puppies are gonna look like after FIVE years of pregnancy and nursing. EEK! I just found out that you can get on the waiting list at Balboa hospital for a FREE boob lift and tummy tuck. I am thinking about it...
I agree. Scrapbooking IS a cult. Uh oh...I think they are knocking on my door now! They found me!!

Christina_the_wench said...

OOoOo you hate those Element things too? God, they are ugly. Someone should slap the shit outta the designer(s). Maybe it was Drunk Friday at the engineering department that day.

Drunk Friday...not a bad idea....

Catch said...

I love school supplies to, especially the smell of paste! It takes me wayyyyyy back!
What a horrible thing for your MIL to tell you! I have 2 DIL's and I would never dream of telling them that!

I think your brother in law sounds hysterical! What a sense of humor! lol. Every family has 1!

Mimi said...

I can not believe 48! What a jealous witch!

49 sounds like a great idea. Purple is my favorite color too. And we have 37 and 38 in common. I also have allergies that affect me year round but I have no clue what I am allergic too. And I have been given every allery prescription there is. The one I take now keeps it at bay but they still act up.

Ms.L said...

YAY for Shana!

I really like it when do write these out. You are so darn interesting!
I've seen both of my brothers in law naked too,lol Well,actually I guess you could say I've seen both of their penis's
One didn't shut the door all the way while he was showering and when I went down the hall my eye was directed to it-of course!-and I saw him naked through the reflection in the mirror and their glass shower doors.
The other one,was... errrr hanging low out of a pair of looooong shorts. I tell ya...I was impressed!
lmao! It was horrifying and yet oddly I couldn't look away,ha!

Ms.L said...

heh that should be you,not do!

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

#41: I totally remember gossiping about it with you at the office.....Ah, when we were single and had time for gossiping.....

#48: Yeah, your MIL is one of a kind....and not in that good kinda way.

Carolyn said...

Chocolate chips on a PB sandwich? You are a genius. Serve that at your party. :P

Your MIL sounds evil, no wait EVIL. She deserves capitals.

Betty said...

Like the idea of chocolate chip on Peanut Butter sandwitch.
MIL should learn she raised hin to leave the nest and love another. Really there are different types of love. I never thought I was in competition with my DIL.

Dr.John said...

Thanks for sharing yourself with us. I know how you feel about the lack of creativity. My dad was an excellent carpenter. I can't drive a nail straight. I do not have a single creative bone in my body. I have finnaly been able to set upo a link to your blog so I can tread it more often.

Miss Kelly said...

I read Mimi's comment and had to check if she was talking about me!
I should've rocked you for that coat when I had the chance. I clearly remember you taking it off and leaving it in the undercover play area one recess. And that was before I knew we were neighbours.
I'm with you on the arts & crafts - I barely made it through Brownies with my affliction. Although I do enjoy scrapbooking...we'll see how long that lasts.