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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

100 Things Part 2

21. I hate summer. There is nothing good about it. I used to love summer when I was in school. Now there is nothing special about it. It's hot, and there is nothing you can do about it. At least when you are cold you can bundle up. Plus the clothes to wear in summer are lacking...in fabric to cover my mommy body.

22. My first crush was on a boy named Lance Ketter. I loved him from the time I was Red's age. I used to chase him around the church and seemed completely unphased by his ACTIVE disinterest in me.

23. My first real boyfriend was Joe Ripley. I was convinced he is gay. He just got married, so maybe not. He was one of Dan's best friends in high school. I actually stopped seeing Dan and went out with Joe instead. What was I thinking? After I broke up with him I was sure that one day I would be on the news one day as the former girlfriend of the next Unibomber. So far so good.

24. For those of you who don't know this from my previous post, I love the word SCRAM

25. My grandpa's name was Elmer Francis Schmidt. How unfortunate is that? When I was little I thought his name was Elmer Fudd. I want to get a blood hound someday and name him Elmer. My mother is horrified and asked me to wait until she is dead. Maybe then I will want to name it Lois.

26. I have 2 older brothers who I adore. When I was young my oldest brother, Robby told me I was adopted and my name was Susan. My other brother, Kevin, once told me to read "Mad" backwards and then ran to tell my parents that I had cussed. I do love them....really.

27. When I was really little, maybe 4 or 5? I walked down to this little chapel that was down the street from my grandparent's house where they were having Vacation Bible School. I remembering them asking who wants to have Jesus in their hearts. I raised my hand, of course I want Him there, he already lives there and I don't want Him moving out. So they led us through a prayer asking Him to be our Savior and I said loudly, I ALREADY DID THIS! So I got up and left.

28. Each of our kids are named after me or my husband. Red's middle name is Danielle (after Dan), Stinky's middle name is Christian (after me), and Boo's middle name is Levi, a combo of our middle names.

29. I don't like sushi, but I want to like it because it is so pretty.

30. I really want to color my hair in wild ways but I am too chicken and too poor to keep it up.


Miss Kelly said...

I love that part about the hound dog. You should get two - Lois and Elmer.
I thought your first boyfriend was RYAN BURKE? I remember Lance. I pretended to think he was cute just to agree with you. I was too ga-ga over Travis Dolan...

Mommy off the Record said...

I like summer...when it's 80-90 degrees. Unfortunately, where I live, it got to be over 100 degrees almost every day in July this year. It was intolerable!

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

I've loved Summer here. Lots of festivals and nobody seems to mind that we're all sweaty pigs :)

#29 was me just a few years ago. I'm still not a huge fan of every type of Sushi but the major kinds I like. Just plain raw Salmon and Tuna I really enjoy though.

Pattie said...

I laughed so hard about naming the dog after your grandparent...then after your mom...that was hilarious!
But hey, you don't like summer, or sushi? I don't think we can be friends... :) just teasing..although I do love them both, I can see how they could be unappealing.

Christina_the_wench said...

#26... I love your brothers. Too bad I'm married. They sound perfect. ;)

Anonymous said...

Evil Child!


DreadPyrateRobert said...

For the record, we are perfect...
And...Travis Dolan?!?! Dear God!
Course I thought much the same of Joe Ripley, I mean, the guy had to borrow his SISTER'S pants for his graduation ceremony! He wasn't cool enough to be the Unibomber!
And Sus, er I mean, Kris, Grandpa would be horribly offended by you naming a dog after him. He hated the name so much he wouldn't wish it on a dog.

Ms.L said...

Haaaa,this is great!
I love how you named your kids,and think your ideas for dog names are priceless!
hee hee
I'm the way you are with sushi only my thing is wine..AND I hear ya on summer...Spring,Fall and winter are so much nicer;)

Miss Kelly said...

Ok - your Mom's comment HAS to make the "comment of the week" fame!

Gingers Mom said...

Kelly - I think mom was talking about YOU.

Ms L - I LOVE wine. I wish I had more friends that enjoyed it.

RobBY - I'm not arguing about Joe. He embarasses me.

Mom- I love you too

Pattie - I am just so tired of being hot and too poor to turn on the AC!!

Nicki- maybe I just need to keep trying it

Mommy off the Record - July was horrid. At least August was a bit nicer.

Christina - Yeah they are boogers for brothers but their wives sure love em.

Trailady said...

Girl, you CRACK me up. You outta do stand up!!! Seriously, I think other Moms would love it.
I can just picture you saying, "I already did that" and running out.

PS. I always wanted a tatoo in an inconspicuous place, but was too chicken to do something THAT permanent to myself.

Loweded Wookie said...

Point 21: Firstly I think mummy bodies are hot. Show it off with pride.

Point 26: I have three younger sisters. Once I peed in a glass and told my middle sister it was lemon juice. Funny thing is, even if it was lemon juice she would still have made that same face.

Gingas rule for thoust is one.

Dr. John sent me btw.

QueenieCarly said...

That bit about Lois the dog had me spitting wine out of my mouth. Lucky I've got a dark blanket on my lap and a wireless keyboard so the computer screen's across the room. We've been discussing a lot of dog names lately, but so far, Lois and Elmer have not come up.

Lance K said...

Hi Kristen this is Lance Ketter from life center church in coquitlam. I often wonder what happened to you and how you are. I too say that you are my first crush because I adored you and your family very much. I was not running from you I was probably to young and scared at the time to show you complete interest since we were in childrens church and all. At about the age of 5 until 11 or 12 when your family moved to san diego. Email me please I would love to chat with you and tell you how god has blessed me too.

Gingers Mom said...

Oh my goodness...I was stunned to hear from YOU of all people, Lance. What a lovely surprise! I need your email address of course, or you can email me at cain29@earthlink.net. Look forward to it!