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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Take a look in the mirror

I gotta get my act together. My house is a mess, I need to color my hair, clean out my puke smelling van andprojects that need to get done and my poor daughter NEEDS my attention. Of course, I just went through hell week with the sickies.... Red does nothing but watch TV and I can actually see the brain cells slipping away. I need new ideas on how to be a fun exciting mom. I feel like we never do anything but....well....nothing. Anyone out there have any fun outings, games, crafts, etc that would fun to do with my kids?


Tiffany S said...

Every Tuesday is free museum day at Balboa Park. Pack lunches and have a great time tooling around and visiting museums. They have that huge picnic/play area at the bottom of the hill by the Reuben H. Fleet Science center. Savannah would probably love it in there anyway because EVERYTHING is hands on.

Gingers Mom said...

After you stop being so fat, we should take the babies there. (before you other readers start throwing rotten fruit at me, remember she is just pregnant)

Mimi said...

I know how you feel about the tv. My son is 17 months and I worry cause they say tv before the age of 2 can cause ADD. But I can only play with him and entertain him for so long until nothing else works. And it rains here so much I can't always take him outside. He is too young for crafts and stuff like that. I feel stuck. I do not use it as a babysitter. But he does watch it.

DreadPyrateRobert said...

I recently took Champ to do the whole free museum thing. He loved it! Bairpane! Bairpane! (Airplane! Airplane! if you don't read Zechariah)
And speaking of the science center, it is VERY interactive and tons of fun for a kid Savannah's age.
Also, there are always seals to see down in La Jolla at the children's pool(which should now be renamed the seal's pool). A surprising amount of time can be filled just letting kids point and laugh at them.

Robert aka Big Brother(Who is in fact watching you)

Gingers Mom said...

I'll have to try that out. I know she loves the beach too. The question is do I really want to attempt this with 3 children on my own?? Heck, if I can handle all 3 at the commissary I can do anything.

BabelBabe said...

Look into your local library. Sometimes they have free storyhour. even if they don't, you can often set the kids loose and sit on the floor and well, not relax, but chill a wee little bit.
added attraction: they are often ACed, if your house isn't, and as mine is not.


Check out letterboxing.

My five- and three-yos are going to dig this, and if the baby is in the sturdy stroller, we can go anywhere : )

followed up by a simple picnic in the park, you can wear them out and then feel no guilt for plunking them in front of the TV for an hour when you get home.


local pool? We can get pool tags for the year for 60 bucks, and swim lessons cheap, and even the baby - esp. the baby - LOVES the pool. Esp. the baby pool, in whihc he can touch bottom if he hangs onto the side.


our local Barnes and Noble has a giant Thomas display with a train table with almost all the trains. I take the boys there to play, and I can sit with a coffee and watch them and meet other moms.

can you tell I spend my days trying to keep them occupied? : )