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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Thinking in Facebook Posts

For many years I enjoyed the creative outlet of having a blog and the satisfying introvert world I was able to engage with while raising little hooligans.  When Facebook hit the scene I realized I could still share with the world my snarky and sarcastic thoughts about parenting, cooking, life in general and without nearly the amount of effort.  A few short lines and my social output was complete for the day.  And I could sit back and let the addictive "likes" and comments roll in in response to my hilarity.  (Ok, so I'm self aggrandizing)
Don't get me wrong, I love face book.  It's an introvert's dream.  I love people, I want to know about their lives and feel connected.  But talk on the phone with them?  Ew.  The photos, the silly jokes, the political rants that turn into all out wars - I love them.  Seriously.  Sometimes Facebook is better than soap opera...not that I've ever watched any.  (I only watch mature things, like anything that the CW produces - Gilmore Girls FOREVER!!)
So now my day revolves around, what is the funniest thing that happened to me or was said to me today that I can post about?  It doesn't take too much thought, not much creativity, and it's usually interacted with.  But even my facebooking behavior is getting lazy.  Why bother to comment on anything when I can just quickly click like and avoid further thinking.  And lately I realized that I use to be a fairly amusing and entertaining person.  (Probably just to myself...and my hubby who finds me to be a delight)  And maybe, just maybe I need a creative outlet again.  So maybe this is it. The last one.  Or maybe I'll start to fill pages again about my random thoughts and observations and my brain will come alive again.  Maybe I'll see you around.

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