We can do it

Monday, July 25, 2011


This year is a year full of changes.  We moved from Hawaii to San Diego.  We bought a house.  My husband will be deploying this year.  My youngest child will be starting Kindergarten.  I'll be a Stay at Home Mom with no kids at home during the day. 

Too much change!

So while I am in the throws of a serious identity crisis I have come up with a lot of different ideas for filling my time this coming fall while I am all on my lonesome.

1.  Go back to school for:  Masters in social work, fashion design, photography
2.  Learn how to knit, pottery, sew (for those of you who know me you realize how preposterous this is)
3.  Get a part time job
4.  Eat every cupcake I can possibly find and become the greatest cupcake critic of all time.

And although some of these seem totally reasonable (especially the cupcakes)  I seem to be at a crossroads where none of them seem to be panning out. 

6 weeks people and my life is going to be so strange!  What to do, what to do....



LaelShine said...

I'm in the same boat! My plan is to stay open to everything that comes my way and have faith that the answer will be made known as time moves on. When I think on it too much,my brain hurts and my thoughts get wonky:)

Gingers Mom said...

Lael - we can search for our destinies together! :) This is a weird time for us, right?

Robin said...

I may be obsessed with you now. I will DIE when my baby goes to school. We have three years, but still. I'm already worried about it.

Also, you live in San Diego??? Are you at BlogHer right now? If you are I hate you and I don't want to be friends.

Also, I have a friend who lives in Guam who is about to move to Hawaii, and y'all make me jealous.

Gingers Mom said...

Robin - welcome! I do live in SD but alas I am not at BlogHer. I've been neglectful to my poor blog and haven't been doing it much lately. (hanging my head in shame). But trying to climb back up on that horse and flood the blog universe with my drivel