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Sunday, December 05, 2010

My Husband's Letter to Santa


How are you? I am happy because I have been really good ALL YEAR. Really, all year. I had to put up with Kristin, so that should get me at least 4 or 5 presents. She was naughty. Give me her presents because I was good enough for two people. She also told Savannah that you were fake. I know better. She even tried to burn my face off.

I am going to have lots of goodies out for you and the reindeer. First, I'll have a 5 hour energy for you and the ponies. There will also be some home-made chocolate chip cookies I bought at the commisary. And, if you want to wash down those cookies into that bowl full of jelly with some hot cocoa you are in luck! There may be some Bailey's Irish creme in the medicine cabinet if you need to fight 'the sniffles' as well.

So, as stated, I've done my part. Here are some things I would be well pleased to receive as compensation-

2 jack stands (put under a car to keep it up)

a really really bright flashlight

a new backpack that doesn't have rips and tears in it
coal for Kristin's stocking

a brown suit for New Year's

Obama 2012 swag

that should be sufficient for now. There may be some other worthy ideas that I'll send in another mailing.

Most sincerely,



Mz.Elle said...

Hahahahahaha,some coal!

Gingers Mom said...

My husband is sassy.