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Monday, April 05, 2010

Begrudgingly In....

Recently my dear friend, D challenged me to do this 30 Encouragement Challenge.  I have had this one chasing me for years and have managed to evade it until now.  I have been confronted head on, and this time I am up for the challenge.  Today is day 1 for me.  And I am pretty sure I have blown it already at 8:45 am.  But back up on the horse I shall go...  Are you up for the challenge?


Apparently, your husband and marriage will thank you.  If you are in, let me know and we will try to encourage one another.  (And for ONCE - not bitch about it.)  And since you won't be so busy nagging and haranguing - check out these links for some yummmer recipes!  Di's Daily Dish or Yummies


Crazymommy said...

Hey, I just started blogging,finally! My blog is crazy mommy of 3, here on blogspot. Don't ask how to find it, I'm stll trying to figure it out! Just thought you migt b interested.


Danifred said...

Ohhhh, I'm definitely going to need to check that out. I am always looking to be more positive in life!