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Friday, March 12, 2010

Stuff That Makes Me Angry

My mom told me the other day that I am like a little mean dog.  (Yep...my own mother)  Without provocation I will just turn on people, shaking and growling...but pretty much fairly harmless.  My base line, you could say, is a "Screw you" mood.  Is there something wrong with that? 

Everyone has pet peeves.  Probably more than I do, but I am honest about them.  I may be mocked and ridiculed for my outlandish fears, peeves, ideas.  But you know you are all just as bad as I am.  So, to share a few more weirdo things about myself...as if I haven't shared enough to make you all go running for the hills....

1.   It infuriates me when people put ribbons on their car (like the yellow ribbons representing our troops) that say random BS like "I love my labs!"  or "Play more video games!"  Yes.  I have acutally seen these ribbons. (even here, living on base)
Why stop there..... Why not a yellow ribbon announcing "I have chronic diarhea!"?  Or, "Gingers, find a cure"?  
You are talking about our troops dying for your freedom, people.  Do you really think taking a symbol that represents your support for heros can really be translated into a symbol announcing your love for your poodle.  Really?    Personally, I see a solid basis for that one.  But I need to climb up on my soapbox here and rant about it for a while.  I think I'm done...for now.

2.   The other day I went to go see a movie with my parents.  (I sat between them because I don't like strangers.  Strangers in my near proximity anger me too...but that's normal, right?)  There was a man sitting in front of me and slightly to the side.  I took an instant disliking to him.  Not only did he have an earring with that was more flashy than what I would wear, but he was balding.  (Now before you start throwing rocks at me...Balding is Not in itself a problem, of course.  In fact, I think a lot of balding men can be kinda sexy if they style it the right way... )
This guy.  Not so much.  He was in full blown denial mode.  He was bald on top, except for some hairs around his natural hair line.  So instead of buzzing it, he grew out the front bang section (a few scraggly hairs) and used gel to spike them up.  Surrounded by the rest of his shiny baldness.  It looked like he was wearing a tiara.  It took all my self control to not throw popcorn at him. **insert small dog shaking piss-offedness here**

3.   Men in skinny jeans.  Need I say more?

4.  Women in the public bathroom.  Now I realize that not all women are speed pee-ers like me.  I pride myself in my ability to get in and out in record time.  Except of course when I am alone in there with 3 kids.  Much smacking, screaming, tattling, threatening, and a lot of  "Pull up your pants!!" and "Aim that at the toilet!!"  But Good GOD!  What do other women DO in there?  How many times have you been in a public bathroom with 5+ stalls and waited SEVERAL minutes before someone comes out.  I'm beginning to wonder if public toilets vibrate, and I just haven't figured it out....  But until then people, get on with yer bizness in there and get out!

Those are a few that have come to mind.  The truth is, you just never can predict when the moment will strike.  But if you see me in a corner looking pissy...chances are someone in the room is wearing socks with capri pants. 


Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

I SO get the car-ribbon thing! And if I were married to someone in the military, it would irritate me even more than it already does!

And the women's bathroom . . . yuck. I seriously have to wonder how some women were raised thinking that their behaviour in public restrooms is even close to appropriate!

Gingers Mom said...

Yeah...the car ribbon things. Grrrrrrr...... Uh oh, getting pissy again. :)

Kevin said...

Seriously, I don't know where to begin. As I am reading your list of angered tyrades I am laughing at the fact that you have sooooo many things that bother you. LET IT ALLLLLL GOOOOOO! I am staging a family intervention and placing you on call to a PSYCHOTHERAPIST. Take 2 Prozac and call me in the morning. Repeat after me: God made people, God loves people, therefore, Kristin learn to love people.
I have found in all my years (I am remebering you are older) that it is overall hekpful, selfishly helpful to give other people the benefit of the doubt.
Now, all that being said, WTF with every flower arrangement in ALL of Hawaii having Bird of Paradise in them?

Gingers Mom said...

Already got the psych on speed dial remember? I don't deny my issues. I just am more honest about them than most people. And I am pretty sure God hates socks with capri pants too.

Mike, Nicki, and the boys said...

At concerts or big events where the line is especially long for the ladies, I've been know to start up a cheer section in line. When ladies go fast I cheer and it gets everyone else in line going hence starting a little competition.....I haven't done it in a long time though. What really creeps me out is when women don't wash their hands....gross.