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Monday, February 08, 2010

The Butt

Last week I took my kids to the Children's Discovery Center.  This was a moderate attempt at finding something educational and fun to fill in one of the many many days off school here in Hawaii.  The kids haven't had a full school week since October thanks to "Furlough Friday".  So, in an attempt to avoid complete parenting failure, I have decided to seek out learning experiences.  (Unlike the last many months of Wii Fridays.)

So off we go to the Honolulu Children's Discovery Center. 

There are tons of fun things to do there.  Play rooms where you can pretend you are grocery shopping, change the oil in your car, play dress up...  And then there is the body science room.  You can see how your heart pumps blood, assemble a brain puzzle and even wind your way through the digestive system.

That's right folks!  You can take a stroll through a giant intestine and slip down the anal slide. 

My kids thought this was absolute bliss. 

There were many screams of  "I'm in the butt!  I'm in the butt!"

Is it just me that would think all children yell this out?  Why then, oh why, were the only children screaming, "I'm poop, in the BUTT" ....MINE?

It was a fun day all in all.  We learned alot.  Although I was tempted to teach the kids a thing about hemorrhoids...  Obviously THIS butt, has not see childbirth....  But I refrained.

When Daddy got home, he was very impressed to hear from Brady.  "Mommy took us to the big Butt.  Daddy, did you go in the butt?"

It's wrong.  So wrong.


mary said...

Hahahahahah... I know some adults for whom it would do some good to have to slide through a giant colon. Might loosen them up a bit.

mary said...
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Lael said...

Hahahahahabwaahahah,that's awesome!

Your little man is gorgeous!

Gingers Mom said...

I know a few of those people too, Mary. Several in fact.

And Lael, thanks. He is handsome and typical disgusting boy, grabbing his manhood and all. ;)