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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Strange Hawaiian things #1

There are a number of things I have observed in Hawaii that has one scratching their head and saying "WTF?"

Red went on a field trip with her first grade class. As usual, I had to sign a permission form. Along with it is a list of instructions.

1. Bring a lunch in a bag that may be thrown out.
2. Be to school ON TIME
3. Footwear is required

Since when is footwear optional? Is this a Hawaiian thing? Can I send my kids to school with no shoes? It would definitely lower my monthly clothing budget for the kids. Especially for Red who destroys her shoes in a single bound. Or she begs begs begs me to buy her a particular pair of shoes. She PROMISES they are comfortable...she will wear them everyday. She simply cannot LIVE...WITHOUT...THESE...SHOES.

Where are the shoes? In the bottom of the closet only worn once before Red had complete toxic meltdown about how they were SO horrible and PAINFUL. And if I make her wear them it will damage her feet for life and she will need crutches to hobble herself to school....maybe even a wheelchair.

So here I am thinking...footwear optional. Not a bad idea.


Ms.L said...

Hahaha,Red sounds like my kids..and me come to think of it,when I was a kid.

Caro said...

That is a strange field trip requrirement to have to list. Scratches head.

Maybe it's like when somebody used the blow dryer in the bathtub so now warnings have to be posted?

Jen used to do that to me with shoes, swear up and down they fit, and then they didn't. Of course she had worn them for the day and they couldn't be returned.

Ginny said...

You must be all settled in your new home. Glad you've come back to the blog world. I enjoy the antics of your kiddies and your observations. The shoe thing is hilarious!