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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How Much Longer????

I am counting down the days...hours...minutes...until the kids go back to school. I am giddy. Positively dancing with glee knowing that in a week, they will be back at school where they belong. Out of my hair! No more grocery shopping with all 3 kids, no more whining and bickering from the hours of 7:30 and 2:30!!!! Yeah!!!! I am a happy woman. Well...I will be. Come next Tuesday.

As for now, that is another story. Let me give you a small glimpse into what my summer has been like:

Yesterday I took the boys to get a haircut - photo to follow soon. Afterwards I decided to take them next door to the shoe store even though I was already overwrought. Stupid mommy moment.

I proceed to have the kids measured. All 3 have outgrown their shoes at once. Damn. I just bought new shoes LAST month. Of course they have nothing for the boys in their sizes so while I am trying shoes on Red, the boys begin to trash the joint. Shoes everywhere. Stinky actually started trying to tear down the racks of shoes. I was purple with frustration.

Temper tantrums in abundance!

Boo started having a fit because he found Lightning McQueen shoes 4 sizes too big and wanted them. Stinky laid on the floor in the checkout line and screamed.

Then he stood up, took off all his clothes except his shorts, threw them at me and proceeded to run about the store shrieking and laughing. I could NOT catch them. People pointed and laughed. Encouraged them even! As I ran and shouted and looked like an idiot who never should have been appointed children.

Red stood on the sidelines and coached them. "She's coming!!!" She would shout to them. And the giggles would head off in another direction.

I grabbed her and hollered like a lunatic at her as people tsk tsked at me for losing it.

Finally I was able to capture the littlest one and made Red hold him down.

I eventually caught Stinky and ranted all the way to the car about the beating to follow.

Thank you Jesus that summer is coming to a close. Can we skip this next year??


Dr.John said...

What a wonderful thing school is.

Ginny said...

I hated the tantrums and the chasing and the yelling and the beating! I also hate the mom's I see that handle it so well. Where do they get their patience? My kids are going in 7th, 10th, and
11th and I can't wait for school either!!!!!!!!

Ms.L said...

Oooh man! Where is the floor that opens up to swallow you,when you need it!

Anonymous said...

While on one hand the situation sounds like it may have been frustrating for you, on the other hand, isn't the vibrance of children amazing?

Have you heard of a book called "Living With the Active Alert Child: Groundbreaking Strategies for Parents". You may find this to be some great reading once your little ones are back in school. :-) Cheers!

Caro said...

I'm sorry I shouldn't laugh but mwahahahaha.

So comforting to know I'm not the only parent who has those moments.

I DO know how frustrating it is so think of it as a sympathy laugh.