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Monday, May 05, 2008

Fully Detoxed

Yeah, I am finally finished with the Arbonne 7 Day Body Cleanse. Day 5-7 went pretty smoothly. I think I may have given the wrong impression with my last post. The "cramps" are not terrible. It is more like waves of discomfort. I would not call them painful.

Day 4 was probably my roughest day.

Day 5 and 6 I was getting pretty tired of drinking the solution, and didn't drink enough water. But the days went by without much to remark about. I was back to pooping 2-3 times a day instead of the several times a day like I did on days 3-4.

I feel pretty good. No major revelation, but I feel good. Lighter. That is a good description of how I feel. My tummy is a little flatter, I don't feel bloated and I am sleeping well. I think my body is a little more "in tune". I am getting really tired around 10pm. My body is warning me that I need to get to bed so I can get 8 hours of sleep. I wasn't like that before, and now I am trying harder to listen.

All in all I think it was worthwhile. Arbonne, recommends that you do this every 30 days. And they say that with each month it feels even better. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I think that is a little extreme. I have one other box of product and I am debating whether or not I will do it next month, to experiment or if I will try it every several months, or just 2 times a year. I think this is the kind of thing to do in moderation.

It is an eye opening experience that makes you realize what is just sitting in your body. No wonder we have poochy bellies etc. Even if you eat tons of fiber like I do, our bodies sometimes need to just flush it all out and start fresh.

So bottom line (pun intended) I would recommend the experience.


stacy said...

so our bodies are full of poo? Good to know it, maybe I should use it so I go more. HAHAHA

Jez said...

It sounds like it did your body good. But I think every 30 days is too much, and unrealistic too. Way to go for sticking to it!

Gingers Mom said...

Jez - I really only regretted it on day 4. Other than that, the experience was great. Everything in moderation right? Except chocolate of course.

Stacy - I always knew I was full of shit...now I have proof!

Dr.John said...

Now I have to think it over. Thanks for sharing the experience.

Gingers Mom said...

I definately think that detoxing and cleansing is something that you have to research, and be cautious about. I felt comfortable with this one because it does not boast life changing results in just 7 days. I am glad I tried it, but encourage people to be informed first.

Caro said...

Couldn't I just eat a box of Ex-Lax? Mwahahaha.

Erica said...

your blog rocks! came across it looking for some more info on the arbonne detox.... just drank my first 32oz and I kept trying to remind myself that it was some nasty ice tea. A few questions for you... did you notice a weight loss or any inches lost? okay... better go get my exercise in for the day. Today's new workout video: Fit to Strip. Total hot mama makeover in progress!