We can do it

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have a dreadful cold. It started the day before yesterday right in the middle of vacuuming my house. I thought it was allergies and had hit the jackpot...I was officially allergic to housework and I could prove it my the major onslaught of sneezing and hacking. Yet it continues and I am sinking into postnasal drip hell. I hate being sick. Just admitting it is a defeat. I blame those short people...the sticky smelly short people that live here.

My head is so stuffy I feel like my sinuses are expanding into a giant helium filled balloon. My body is achey and limp. If you look up into the sky this afternoon and see a pathetic housewife floating by with a swollen head and tattered pajamas....wave.


Dr.John said...

Sorry to hear your sick. Have a bowl of chicken soup and rub Vicks on your chest.

diyfather.com said...

Hi –

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I was wondering whether you might be interested in a link exchange, or linking each other to their blogrolls, or having us posting a monthly summary of father related issues from our blog.

Thanks Scott

Caro said...

I hope you're feeling better.

We were sick at the same time. Too bad we couldn't have been in the same house together watching HGTV and coughing on each other. LOL

Pendullum said...

Hoping you are feeling better!

Mimi said...

Hope your feeling better by now. I have just gotten over it myself.