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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Would you rather... Second Edition

Leave your answers in my comments or post it on your blog! Have fun!

Would you rather....

1. Watch a porn movie with your parents or watch a porn movie starring your parents?

2. Be machined gunned to death with Lite Brite pegs or assasinated by Cabbage Patch Dolls?

3. Fight Mike Tyson or talk like him?

4. Be 3ft tall or be 9 ft tall?

5. Hate your life but everyone loves you or everyone hate you but you're having a great time?

6. Have the ability to change genders at will or change height at will?

7. Have a super long eyelash you could never pluck out or have and earlobe the size of a baseball?

8. Be able to live forever, so long as you kill someone once a week or die in 5 years?

9. Eath 3 lbs of hair or drink a gallon of shampoo?

10. be the mysterious leader of a secret society of assassin-midgets or have a direct mental link to all the world's information?

11. have caterpillars on your face moving around on your eyebrows or tral paprika everywhere you go?


Margaret said...

1) With my parents as long as I can scratch up the DVD bad enough so it won't work.
2) Assasinated by Cabbage Patches
3) Talk like Mike
4) 3' tall as long as I wasn't 3' around at the same time.
5) Hate my life yet everyone loves me - that's kind of the way it seems these days.
6) Change height at will.
7) Super long eyelash. Can't pluck but I have scissors.
8) Die in five years
9) Eeeew, eat hair I guess. Could I grind it and hide it in a pan of brownies?
10) A direct mental link to all the worlds info
1) Trail paprika. Caterpillars have them zillion sucky cup feets. That would be seriously yuk.

Anyhoo, I haven't stopped by since Dr. John stopped having blog marathons - but am today to remind everyone:

"Roasting Dr. John Comment-athon".

It's nearing Dr. John's birthday and this year it falls on Thanksgiving! (November 22nd)

Last year we Roasted Dr. John and I've been thinking, what would be the perfect Birthday present for him this year?

COMMENTS!!!! Lots and lots of them! From those he knows, to those he doesn't know. From all over the world and throughout the blogosphere. Let's fill his inbox with Happy Birthdays.

How to do it: Be creative, he loves creativity. Post a blog on his birthday (Thanksgiving 11/22) dedicated to Dr. John and wishing him a Happy Birthday. Make Dr. John your "link of the day" and encourage your Bloggy Buds to stop by and leave him a comment and a Happy Birthday wish.

Perhaps, even getting them to join in on the fun! Create your own Pigeon Falls photoshop as you imagine it, a post on trains, design and describe the perfect fortress or dare to post your entire blog in Finnish.

Leave a linked PS note when you visit other blogs this day to guide peeps over to say Happy Birthday to a super fantastic guy.

Use your imagination and have fun with it. See 'ya next week!

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is the best Q&A I have ever seen. I will answer on my blog.

Dr.John said...

I wouldn't like .....

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

1. Watch with.
2. Lite Brites
3. Fight
4. 9ft
5. Be hated, love life (wasn't that me a few years ago anyway?)
6. Change heights at will
7. Long eyelash
8. Kill someone, as long as I could kill myself to continue living forever (would that work?)
9. Shampoo
10. All the world's info (who would ever pick the midget thing?)
11. I already tral paprika everywhere I go, so I'll take that one.


Anonymous said...

I was gonna post this but I can't copy and paste it, so here are my answers:)

1. Watch with, if chewing glass isn't a 3rd option.

2. Cabbage Patch Dolls, assinations are usually quick.

3. Fight him. I would get beat up once and paid for it so it would be worth it. If I talked like him I would get beat up everyday and not get paid a cent.

4. 9ft tall

5. Be loved.

6. Height

7. The eyelash, didn't say I couldn't trim it.

8. 5 years

9. The hair, I think that much shampoo would kill.

10. The mental link

11. Paprika

Caro said...

those are not choices at all. LOL