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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Weird Celebration

I had a fantastic weekend. There were a few unexpected twists and turns, like a vomiting 2 year old, but other than that, the holiday was great.

I had the perfect day planned on Friday. I dropped my 2 oldest off at preschool then went to the dreaded Weight Watchers meeting. DUM DUM DUM!!!! I was so incredibly bloated and full of terrible things that I shouldn't have eaten. I begrudgingly got on the scale. And the scale was kind. I think it kind of lied for me. I was down 2.8 lbs and had finally made GOAL!! Relief washed over me and as the meeting took place I started fantasizing...yearning...for a Bavarian cream donut at Winchell's next door. I was about to sneak out of the meeting early and get me some of that when they called my name. "Gingers Mom has a celebration today. A big celebration, she has made goal today!" Much clapping. I stand up convinced that I must have a scarlet D for donut on my chest as I stood up and bragged about how I am champion of all WW and I know it all now. Little do they know that I am itching to run away from the dieting people and drown myself in a delectable chocolate glaze....

They handed me my little gold star to hang on my 10% weight loss key chain, that I actually DO carry proudly. Guilt set in. In sat down in my chair grumpily. Screw you Weight Watchers. Foiled by you again.

Next on my list was to meet my mom at Coffee Bean so we could exchange my littlest beast and try their new Mocha Lite. It is a mocha that is made with nonfat milk and sugar free chocolate. Sound gross? MMMMM....you're wrong. Maybe I have been deprived of my beloved mocha too long, but it is DELICIOUS. (and only 2 WW pts compared to 9 for a regular mocha at Starbucks).

We had a wonderful visit and then ran away like a mad woman in my mom's convertible playing music loudly, wind in my hair and forgetting that I had kids at all. I was off for part 2 of my wonderful day. The FACIAL.

I have had this facial planned for months. I ran home to pick up the forgotten gift card only to find a heart breaking message from the spa saying they had to cancel. Much pouting followed.

So I decided to go shopping. And then...on a whim...I drove over to a nearby tattoo parlor. And looked around. I have been talking for years about getting one, but always chicken out. I was standing there for about 15 minutes while the tattoo artists helped everyone else around me. Finally, one guy ventured over with and "Are you lost?" pittying look on his face. "Can I help you?"

"Sure! I wanna get a tattoo today."

All eyes on silly little Gingers Mom in her pink flowered skirt and white sandals.

I hear chuckling.

Hey, can't a 30 year old mom get a tattoo and not get mocked around here??

We go over designs. They start setting up.

A really nice guy in the corner, covered in tattoos starts giving me pointers on where to put it, how much it hurts etc.

They keep asking me if I am nervous.

Finally I replied "I've had 3 kids. I'm not scared." The mocking guys shut up now.

It stung a little, but was a FRACTION of what it is made out to be. And I LOVE my tattoo. It's in the middle between my back and my right hip. So here is to being the wife of one good man, the mom of 3 great kids, to being DONE with kids, and to losing all the weight they managed to pack on me in the meantime.....


Jessia Snow said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your tattoo looks great. When do you get to enjoy a 9 pt mocha again?

Pattie said...

Congrats on making your goal! :)

And you are one brave woman....I am too scared to get a tattoo. yours is cute, though!

Caro said...

Somebody is getting her groove back!

Ms.L said...

Wooohooo congratulations on your goal AND tattoo. I like it!

Catch said...

Congratulations Kristin!!! I am proud of you! And the tattoo is really cute!!! Your one hot Mama!!!!

Oh, The Joys said...

Congrats! and sweet tattoo!

Gingers Mom said...

Thanks, all. I really love that tattoo and am happy I FINALLY did it.

Dianne said...

I got my tattoo a month after Landon was born, right before my 30th birthday. I need to go get it fixed, almost 2 years later and I've been to scared to go back. I really don't like pain and I got it in a painful spot. Your's looks great though!!! And great work on reaching your goal. Next up a nose ring?

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

You go girl.