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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

There Goes a Mouse on a Motorcycle

It has been a chilly May here in San Diego. So chilly in fact that I nice pot of bean soup and fresh baked cornbread sounded divine! So I whipped up a pot for my family and we had a nice meal with my parents. We came home, tucked our little ones into bed and snuggled in to watch the season finale of 24.

As it was over, we turned the light off and Dan threw his arm over me and we nestled in for the night. Little did we know the terror that lied ahead.

The rumbling began.

The churning.

Then came one loud explosion.

Then the smell....

The terrifying, horrific smell.

You'd think it was just a man thing, but it was coming from both sides of the bed.

It is amazing after 6 years of marriage how unembarrassed you become by such grossness.

We were like some disgusting toilet themed musical band playing in perfect rhythm.

But then my husband with great exuberance brought forth an AMAZING grand finale....

It was impressive in size and smell.

We both went cross eyed.

The he jumped out of bed, turned around and showed me....there was a hole blown out in the back of his underwear.

That bean soup is nuclear.

I think it should be outlawed.

At least in our bedroom.

And now for my favorite "farting" terms. Please feel free to share yours.

Bathtub Jacuzzi

Oops! I let fluffy of the leash.

Chinese barking spiders

Fermented revenge

Gassius Assius

Blowing Ye Butt Trumpet

The Great Brown Cloud


Oh, The Joys said...

Aw. A sweet post that warms the heart of Joy.

Ms.L said...

baking brownies.
duck crossing
barking spider
ass flute
Oh I could go on and on,lol
We're pigs here;p
I love your new look!

Dr.John said...

This is a better logo than yesterday. It has more of a unique look to it.
I didn't6 know there were that many farting terms.

Catch said...

This is so funny!!!! another reason why I sleep alone! LoL

Jen said...

I can't believe I'm about to post this...but Jeff wanted to add "Trouser Coughing" to your list. Boys are so gross and I am so screwed, what with three of them in our house and me the only girl! That's it - all of our pets will have to be female to balance this out! (Of course, our girl dog farts worse than any of us...)

Jill said...

My son loves to say "better to let it out and feel the shame, than leave it in a feel the pain". He feels no pain.

Cornbread? A grat Southern dish, yum.

Caro said...

Ah marriage, a many splendored thing.

Marcella said...

This is great info to know.