We can do it

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I want a Cheeseburger really bad.

There is no reason for the title of this post except that it is very very true.

And now for another post about my boobs. Run away boys, unless you're really that interested.

Yesterday I did a wonderful...marvelous...exhilerating thing. I finally....after 4 1/2 years threw away my nursing bras!! Yippee! Hooray! This is a cause for celebration. Good riddance you ugly, enormous, antithesis of sexiness. Enter in the era of Victoria's Secret!!

Smiling happy faces abound. I think I hear angels singing!! The sweet sweet song of freedom. My breasts are crying out....yes! We will soon belong to only you, Gingers Mom. We can dress up in pretty pink satins, and sexy red lace!

I remember the first time I was pregnant and so excited to get this whole thing started. I started wearing a nursing bra in the last month of my pregnancy. I mock myself with disdain. Dan even thought they were nifty at first...with the little trap doors.

Now I stare at the pile and contemplate having a bra burning.

You other moms know.

Freedom from those contraptions is bliss.

And that bliss is finally mine, after so so long.

Too bad my boobs will be small and sagging to my navel. Oh well...that's what a push up is for, right?


Catch said...

I know just how you feel! I hate bras period! As soon as I get home from somewhere mine comes off....but believe it or not, at 58...I hate to think Im never going to be pregnant again and feel my baby move inside of me or nurse one of my babies.,,those were the best days in the world. When they were all little and you knew where they were and they thought Mommy was the smartest person in the world! lol

Dr.John said...

Go ahead and burn them. You could have a party.

Gingers Mom said...

Catch - I am convinved that no one ever gets past that feeling. I am sad this is my last one. I am still nursing at night...for a little longer. Sigh...

Dr. John - I think that is a great idea.

Oh, The Joys said...


My boobs are destroyed from the nursing. They are just WEIRD now.