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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Saturday Morning

It's a lazy Saturday morning. My eyes slide open just the tiniest bit and see the bright morning sun filtering in through the slats in the blind. Ah...morning. Oooh...better yet....no kids are in bed with us for once. I slide my foot over and rub my hubby's leg. Already it is a beautiful day. Hubby rolls over and and has a sly grin. He throws his arm over me and pulls me close for a lingering kiss. "Good Moooorning..." he says suggestively. I sigh, basking in the wonderful morning we are having...alone...then giggle flirtatiously and snuggle tighter.

Then I feel it. The tell tale shaking of the bed....and no, we're not doing it.

It's a child. Coming to get us. Suddenly, a Dora pantied bottom plops down on our HEADS. "Hey! That's my spot. Make room!" Red says as she shimmies her way in between our bodies. So much for romance.

"Let's watch Dora! Isn't that a great idea?" Red suggests.

"I had a better idea, " I mumble under my breath. Our plans foiled yet again.

I should just appreciate it. She's the best birth control we got.


Anonymous said...

Lock the door :)

Pattie said...

I am loving the comment from your mom! *LOL*
Hey, I have not been good about blogging lately, so I guess I am a little behind....BUI, I love what you've done with the place! A Wonder Woman theme....makes me think of Saturday morning cartoons, and watching Superfriends!

Catch said...

haha..yes your Mom has a super idea! lol...its hard to relax with kids screaming outside your bedroom door though! lol

Miss Kelly said...

At least she came in before anything started. I got caught a couple weeks ago in the middle of it!

kfk said...

It's a good thing things never got going. My biggest nightmare these days is the children walking in!