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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Mom

This past weekend my mom celebrated her XX birthday. (Out of respect for my mother and fear of a tanned hide I have removed the actual age.) Mom tries occasionally to hide the fact that she loves her birthday (Oh, let's not do anything this year....I don't want any presents....) but it is a sham. She is just like me, giddy as a school girl about her birthday. She likes her family to be around, she likes the cake (chocolate right?) she loves pretty wrapping paper and she likes the hulabaloo.

So in honor of this wonderful woman's birthday I thought I would share a little bit with you about my mother.

1. She laughs when I say this, but I SWEAR anytime I had a craving for some homemade chocolate chip cookies they seemed to magically appear in the oven when I got home from school.

2. When boy broke my heart, we went shopping and she bought me new clothes. It's true a brand new pair of shoes CAN mend a broken heart...

3. When I was a teenager and had terrible self-esteem she MADE me look in the mirror every day and say "I like myself". Which actually horrified me and I am still a little bitter about, but hey, it worked.

4. She never felt growing up that she had nice clothes so she always made sure I was dressed fashionably. And I was. And so are my kids. From NO doing of my own. And much to the dismay of my father and his bank account.

5. She would sometimes send me encouraging notes in my lunch box to school. (You are very special and I love you. Love, Mom) I wish I had kept them so I could read them again on a crappy day. But instead I just pick up the phone and she knows instantly from the way I say "hi" that something is wrong.

6. She taught me to dream big, to go to college, learn about life, have a career. When it came down to it, the career I chose was the same as hers...being a mom. And I know that she respects me for it.

7. When I was a freshman in college and was talking about getting married (to the WRONG guy), she never freaked out and tried talking me out of it. Even though she desperately wanted to. She asked me questions, talked when I wanted to and waited patiently. I'm not sure how she managed to hold her tongue. But it taught me alot about being a mother.

8. When I talked about marrying the RIGHT guy, she jumped in with both feet and planned my wedding with me with as much enthusiasm as it was her own. She loves Dan like her own, he became instant family. I think she was just happy I grabbed me a GOOD one.

9. When I am sick, she shows up at my house with groceries, medicine, mint chip ice cream, you name it. And I never have to ask.

10. After almost 38 years of marriage she and my dad are still totally in love. I am so appreciative that I have a healthy model for marriage in my life that Dan and I can strive for.

She is my hero. She set the bar for the kind of mother to be. I learned everything I know from her. How to love, discipline, encourage, and the practical things like cooking a nutritious meal and how to braid hair. I talk to hear about everything (well maybe not everything...that might scar us both...). I seek my mom out constantly for advice. What should I do with my kids? How do you make that chicken dish, again? Which shoes should I wear with my dress tonight? Should I choke my husband this time or let him live? She is always on my side, my biggest encourager, ready to pounce like a wild mama cat to protect me, and full of unconditional love.

She is my best friend and I respect, admire and adore her.


Ms.L said...

She sounds like everything a Mum should be.
This is such a wonderful tribute!

Oh, The Joys said...

What a great tribute!

Catch said...

How wonderful for you and you Mom! Im sure she is beaming if she is reading this post! I had the same kind of Mom and tried to be the same kind of Mom. SO many do not have a positive role model for a Mother. And that is a shame. Tell Mom I said Happy Birthday!

T-girl said...

Just came across you on another blog and thought I would drop by.

What a nice tribute to your mother!

I have a two year old also, want to trade, mine is female- she has the whole drama queen thing down to an art that would make a 14 yo proud. Unfortunatly I am afraid this will not bode well for my future but... I am praying! LOL

Love your wallpaper btw!

kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. S! Err...can I call her Lois now? Nope, can't do it.

I always loved your mom - she (and your dad) always made me feel so welcome in your home and like one of the family. She was also great for letting us play with her makeup.


Caro said...

You sound like you got incredibly lucky with both your parents.

You have the kind of relationship with your parents that everyone would love to have.

Caro said...
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Dr.John said...

I read so many stories of people who had bad mothers who are still making them misearble that it was real joy to read of you and your mother. You are one blessed lady.

Caro said...

I somehow missed a comment you left on my blog regarding praying for all food to taste like chocolate.

So, off topic here, I think scientists should invent a tree that bears good for you fruit that tastes like chocolate.

An apple a day would be no hardship. In fact I could eat ten!

Pendullum said...

I put a challenge out to your birthday gal mom... That definitely does notlook like a Grandma...
Challenge is: to read this and NOTcry...
Go ahead a bet you can't!!!
Beautiful tribute from a daughter you raised so well...

QueenieCarly said...

That is so sweet, Kristin. What a lovely post. I hope she got to read it!

Trailady said...

Wish I could write cool stuff like this about my Mom. Unfortunately, she was severely Bi-polar and when I was a girl nobody understood that condition. I had to mother my Mom. Grew up fast.

I'm glad to hear that you have an awesome Mom and it's touching that you give tribute to her. :o)

Anonymous said...

You made me cry.

I love you!