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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

4 Days and counting

It's gonna happen in 4 days. I feel something seeping out of me. It's my 20s. I'd say all the fun years are behind me, but I was never a real wild child so I guess I'll have to make up for it in the next decade. Yes, my 30s will be the decade of booze and sex and staying up all night.

Ok...so there won't be alot of booze...but hey, why not a little more since I was pregnant through my 20s. Maybe we can just declare Tuesday as Martini Tuesday. I like that plan. Hopefully some sex...but then again we all know where that got us in our 20s. And staying up all night isn't so much of an option as a guarantee with my little hooligans. But by GOD, I am going to live it up.

I have been assured by some wise souls that turning 30 isn't equivalent to falling off a cliff. I've even heard that this is going to be the best decade of my life, raising my kids and still being young.

Despite the horrifying number of candles on my cake...(there will be cake, right?)...I am so much happier now than I was 10 years ago. I truly wouldn't go back if I could. I am so much more self confident now and happy with my day to day life. I did some amazing things in my 20s. Got many big life goals accomplished. I married a wonderful man and had 3 beautiful children. I guess I have been busy for only being 29 years and 361 days old.

But here is a list of 30 things I would like to do in the next 30 years.

1. Go to Europe
2. Finally get a haircut I like
3. redecorate my house
4. Learn to knit
5. Take a Chinese cooking class
6. Learn to make a mean margarita
7. Go to a country concert (I never go because no one I know likes country)
8. Own a sexy car
9. Learn to exercise regularly
10. Learn to decorate cakes
11. Watch my kids graduate from high school
12. See my kids go on their first date and try not to snicker
13. Be best friends with my daughter, just like I am with my mom
14. Help my kids through college
15. Pay for Savannah's wedding
16. Give each of my kids a car
17. Go on a romantic second (did I ever really have a first??) honeymoon with my hubby.
18. Go to New York and see a Broadway play
19. Go on a girls vacation with Shana
20. Move to Texas
21. Take a trip on a train
22. Go on a Disney cruise with our kids.
23. Have a dog that gives birth to puppies
24. Take some classes that interest me for no reason, no pressure of grades (Political science, Spanish, history...things I didn't enjoy when I was younger but could appreciate now.)
25. Go to the Hershey Spa.
26. Own something by Prada.
27. Remodel my bathroom to have one of those enormous 2 person bath tubs.
28. Fall in love with my husband over and over and over again.
29. See my kids fall in love
30. Meet some grandchildren.


Ms.L said...

I'm really excited for you!
You're going to have the time of your life! number one,because all the things those wise 30somethings have shared with you are true and number two,because you're so positive and are already planning to make your 30s so wonderful!

30s? Waaaay better than the 20's. Waaay better and you're almost here,YAY!!!

Dr.John said...

WEll that is one great list. It seems that you can accomplish most of them. It would be nice if you could accomplish them all.

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Good list of goals. Lots of people would put dang-near impossible goals on there (QB a Super Bowl winning team) or something like that. Yours include some challenges, like remodeling a bathroom, but still are easily obtainable with some dedication and positive thinking.

Even though I've only been in my 30s for a few months, I can definitely say that life has never been better. I wouldn't have changed my 20s for the world, but they are a lifetime ago and are just good memories.

By the way, no trip to Europe is complete without a trip to Florence, Italy. Put it at the top of your wishlist and I promise it won't disappoint. Spectacular.

Dianne said...

I case I get way to busy to visit your blog, HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!! 30 is nothing to be ashamed of, I am having a ball so far. I'm only 31 and it's true, having kids young rocks! When I'm 50, my youngest will be 20, how great is that!!! I love your list as well, I hope they all happen for you.

Grouchosaurus said...

30 is QUITE old. You have almost been out of K-12th grade as it took you to complete it. Nice to see your list focuses on yourself instead of helping others. I'd hate to see work at a kitchen feeding down and out homeless people or introduce Jesus into somebody's life. 30's are a transition from yourself to maturity- ESPECIALLY if children are involved. Somebody has to speak reality even if this is the internet.

Catch said...

Happy Birthday! 30's are a great age!!! And they go by way too fast so enjoy them Sweety! I wish you a happy birthday ( with cake)..lol. God bless you!

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

I think Grouchosaurus needs to get laid! ;)

kfk said...

The sexy car doesn't come until your midlife crisis.

Happy Birthday, you young thing!

What's For Dinner? said...

I hope you get lots of the most incredible chocolate for your birthday! I think our 30's are going to be fantastic. Here's hoping we ditch our kids/hubbies and meet to have a wonderful eating/shopping/martini drinking getaway!!!!

Carolyn said...

I turned 38 today and I STILL haven't managed to get a haircut I liked, well maybe once. :)