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Thursday, February 08, 2007

100 things the final episode

81. I like to squeeze the toothpaste in the middle. It gives me giddy, slightly evil satisfaction. My husband hates this. And I ALWAYS lose the cap. This makes me smile too because it infuriates Dan. I don't know why I love it so.

82. Feet freak me out. I don't like to touch other people's feet or be touched by them. My kids I don't mind. Red has learned that I don't like feet on me though and now hers are starting to bug me because she INSISTS on putting her feet all over me while she watches TV. She gets this from my mother.

83. I hate laundry. I would do the dished 12 times before putting laundry away.

84. If I think about breathing...I start to panic. I get stressed out because now I have to remember to breathe and wish I had never thought of it in the first place and try to forget, but now I can't think of anything else. Crap...here I go again.

85. I have REALLY thin lips and I hate them. When I smile they disappear. No joke. Dan has perfect lips. Really they are gorgeous and I wish they were mine. I hope my kids get his lips.

86. If I had to see myself as an animal it would be a giraffe. Tall, leggy, gangly and awkward. I wish I could say something sexy like a panther. But I'm not.

87. I make a mean spaghetti sauce. Thanks, Mom!

88. I asked my hubby for an ipod for Christmas with the intention of using it to exercise with. I have not exercised once since I got it.

89. I'm starting to get grey hairs and saw a few lines around my eyes in the last month. Seeing signs of aging is really freaking me out. I am going to turn 22 for the 8th time in less than 2 weeks.

90. When I am mad at my hubby I go shopping and spend money. It is really an awful habit. But I know it is something that will make him mad.

91. Dan has never asked me to do this, but I ALWAYS make sure I am home before him. Unless I make special arrangements and let him know ahead of time, I make certain that I am there waiting for him. I'm not sure why I do that, but I guess I like to make him feel loved and welcome and that I am always available for him.

92. I miss having long hair.

93. I am left handed, but throw right handed.

94. I don't like little white dogs.

95. I remember the first time a guy french kissed me. I thought it was gross and that I might throw up on his shoes.

96. When I was in school there was a girl with the same first and last name as me. She had the same middle initial. People naturally kept mixing us up. I was a shy, gawky, somewhat loner. She was captain of the cheerleaders, homecoming queen and valedictorian. It sucked for me.

97. I can never find a pillow that is comfortable.

98. I will only wear white socks.

99. I don't understand why thong underwear is sexy. Really, how many of us actually look good in it?

100. One day back in college I had an on again off again boyfriend. One night I was going to babysit for a friend and asked him to wait up for me so I could see him before he went to bed. He said he would stay up until 10pm. I was not sure if I would be back by then and teased, "But what if I get held up at gunpoint, won't you feel bad that you didn't wait for me?" That night on the way to my car to go home I was held up at gunpoint. No joke.


Dr.John said...

Wow! Your only twenty two and you have already been held up at gunpoint. I thought wearing white socks was supposed to protect you ot something.

S. said...

I'll do your laundry if you do my dishes! I love the smell of fresh laundry - the dishes? well I always take them out too soon and burn my finger tips.

Andie D. said...

I'm growing my hair out with the intention of donating it. I only have a few more inches to go. I'll be left with just above the shoulder. I'll miss it too.

And thong underwear? It isn't about sexy. It's about panty lines. Really. Otherwise, NO ONE would wear it. NO ONE.

What's For Dinner? said...

Wow, I hadn't thought about that gun in a while. Now I will go to bed thinking of it. THANKS. Anyway, I usually try to put my feet on you and you don't complain much, I think it's cause you don't see me often. Love the undie comment but I found maternity thongs SO comfortable.

Love ya

Emmie said...

Enjoyable reading. Keep it up!
Love greeting cards

Ms.L said...

I have the same pillow problem!
I agree about thong underwear BUT wear them because I know they make my arse look better in clothes. They change the whole shape of your butt,for the better!

QueenieCarly said...

That last one is just eerie! A lesson to be careful what you say, huh? So, did he feel bad? I bet he never doubted a thing you said again!

We missed you last night!

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

My cousin got in a fight with her high school boyfriend. As he was walking out of the house to ride his bike to work she said, "I hope you get hit by a car!" a few seconds later, she heard the screeching of breaks outside.....poor boyfriend,hit by a car and got a broken leg.

Catch said...

I had the same breathing thing when I was young! I never wanted to think about it b/c then I would be so aware of it and it freaked me out.!

Tell us more about being held at gun point..geeeezee... you cant leave us hanging like this!!!!!

Pattie said...

Hate laundry? Check.
Make great spaghetti sauce? Check.
Only wear white socks? Check.
Spend money when mad at hubby? Check.

Heheheh.... I was very amused until #100. Wow, that must have been quite frightening (and ironic)
Write more about that, please?

Miss Kelly said...

White socks? Please not with short pants and black shoes....PLEASE!