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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We shall never speak of this again.

I made a foolish mistake today. Well...several. First of all I foolishly decided to go to the mall with my friend, Stephanie with all 3 of my children. I should know by now that my little hooligans are not fit to be out in the public world. Things were going not TOO poorly when we decided to let the kids loose on the litte play area. Stephanie and I were chatting about parenthood when I made a CRUCIAL mistake. I started praising my children. "Red has become such a wonderful girl and I am so proud of who she has become. She really is a very sweet and special girl..." I went on and on.
Was she listening? Was God listening? Was the Devil listening?
Someone was and I paid dearly for it.
No sooner were these words out of my mouth than there was little Stinky, flinging some helpless little 18 month old girl to the ground and standing over her screaming. (I might mention that he is doing this while wearing a shirt that says "Perfect Gentleman...I really know how to treat a lady") I rushed to his side and started scolding him - until I heard the little girl's mother standing over HIM and reprimanding him while I was talking to him. I don't think so, and told her to get lost. Obviously I was righteously indignant and although I did correct him, I let him loose again and sat down to criticize the woman for getting in my business. He is a 2 year old boy for goodness sake. A really sweet and good 2 year old boy...
Next think I know, there he is again kicking some other small boy in the stomach. Uh...time to get the heck out of dodge. Where is this boy's mother??
On the way out of the play area, Red starts in. Whining, crying, sassing, disobeying. I am threatening, gritting my teeth, hollering and nearing tears. I had to LITERALLY drag her to the car kicking...screaming...throwing herself on the ground in a fit I have never seen before.
When we got home, after a VERY long time out. Red looks in the craft drawer and asks if she can have a stamp. Sure...one...only one...on your hand and then put it back. Of course she interperets this as her opportunity to sneak off and smear the stamps all over her body and mouth. Her lips are now stained blue along with her teeth and tongue. She is also banished to her room for her own safety.
Why God why? Do I really deserve this?
I called Stephanie later to tell her I was sorry for speaking those compliments out loud and that we shall never speak of that again. Then I called my husband to tell him to get on the horn to the urologist right away and schedule his special procedure.


Oh, The Joys said...

Ugh! I hate that aspect of the age two. It's like every single day over here!

Dr.John said...

But they will grow older and they will give you new problems. You will go right on loving them and braging about them and then one day they will be gone. enjoy them while they are little.

Mr. Grouchypants said...

This never would have happened had you stayed at home cleaning. Sounds like your 'friend' was distracting you from being a good mommy. Careful who your influences are in life. Stick to the basics- Oprah, Dr. Phil, and South Park.

Carolyn said...

I am laughing and sympathizing at the same time.

You know what's great is that you do compliment your kids.

I don't do that nearly enough.

Mine have been turdy lately too. It's a good thing they are too big to flush down the toilet.

Cari said...

I always seem to have these ridiculous ideas that my 3 kids might actually behave in public...and yet I never seem to learn from my mistakes! You gotta get some washable ink!

Miss Kelly said...

Suddenly, I don't feel so guilty for enjoying being a working mom.
Though I feel a little bad that your pain is my entertainment!
I'm so glad I've never had to go through tantrums...mind you, I've dealt with all the other crap instead (ie: whining, crying, plain old grumpiness) and Olivia is still young enough to learn how to throw one, I'm sure!
Have another slice of cake, hon...

Catch said...

One of these days they will be grown and on their ways and you will remember the days that they were little,and you will wish they were little again. Two of mine had temper tantrums too. Believe it or not, they do outgrow them. Dont be too hard on yourself...we all go through it. Just remember..bigger kids,..bigger problems. The little ones are a piece of cake.

Gingers Mom said...

Joys - We go through rough patches now and then. And then they are little angels for weeks. What was surprising was it was my FOUR year old having the tantrum. Very unlike her.

Dr John - so I am told. I do work at that.

Mr Grouchypants - maybe if you picked up your own socks now and then there wouldn't be so much cleaning to do. :)

Carolyn - I'd flush mine too if they would fit.

Cari - thanks for stopping by. I am glad there is someone out there who feels the same about their kids. LOL

Kelly - That's ok. What goes around comes around. The tantrums are few and far between but OOOEEEE! When they happen watch out. I just can't believe it was RED that did it.

Catch - Thanks for the advice. I know it is temprorary. I just thought we were past this stage. Yikes.