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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Elusive Sleep

Sleep. Where art thou sleep? What is it about children that requires them to sap every ounce of energy that you have so that by the time 7:30pm rolls around you have been reduced to a shrieking banshee that no one recognizes? 7:30 is my favorite time of day. It is the time when all people under 4 ft tall go to bed and leave me to become a human being again. There are a few blissful hours filled with novels, and television shows, cuddling with my husband and eating snacks forbidden to the little ones. Those are beautiful moments that I treasure. My husband suddenly staring at me as if to say...hey....I remember you...the woman that I married...where have you been? The 2 horned mommy beast has melted away and at last I am me again.
Then the lights go out and I am convinced that the kids have had some big pow wow about who is going to keep mommy awake tonight. If it isn't the Red one screaming with a bad dream, then it is the Stinky one who needs water and has tossed his blankets off the bed, and it never fails that Boo wants nurse until I am as dehydrated as the desert. How do they know who's turn it is to drive me crazy at night? I have not slept through the night in about 5 years. WTF?
I got a real treat today and was awoken by them all by about 5:30am. Little hooligans.

Just when I am about to write them off and sell them on ebay, Boo says his first word (Hi) and melts my heart. I see Red and Stinky on the playground at school holding hands and taking care of each other. These kids are ok I guess. I think I'll keep em.

Gingers Mom: Red, you are the best little girl in the whole world.

Red (her eyese swelling with love and hugging me SO tight): Mommy, you are the BIGGEST girl in the whole world.

True how true. Now, where did I put that cookie?


QueenieCarly said...

The biggest girl in the world. That is so cute. The sentiment could melt even my heart!

Oh, The Joys said...

I'm still waiting for the sleep...

Carolyn said...

I feel your pain on the sleep thing.

S. said...

I too have fell prey to the shreiking banshee until about 7pm-ish.
I now understand why young ones go to bed early - so that the parents can regroup! LOL