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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Checking in.

It has been a busy busy week. Dan is on vacation...finally...and we have been buzzing all around. We've had a couple of bizarre things happen.

1. Someone broke into our truck last week. They stole all the change (about $5) out of the tray. Nothing else was missing. There was Savannah's new bike in the back, a military sword and some other valuable items still there. The really creepy and weird part? They left a ream of copy paper on the front seat. WTF??

2. Do you remember Bastard Tom? Well, he works across the street from us now and again doing yard maintenance for a neighbor. They don't live there but keep the house for when they are in town 1-2 times a year. Weird. Well Tom's truck has been parked there for over a week now. And it has not moved. No sign of him either. I think he has either taken over the house as his own like some creepy murderer in Unbreakable (did you see that? shudder...) or he drank himself to oblivion and has died in there. How long do we wait before we start asking questions??

There is a good chance Bastard Tom got evicted from his apartment in the 'hood and is now back to terrorize us all in the old neighborhood. Lucky me. Here's hoping he doesn't run us down when he is on a beer run. That is...if the truck ever moves from the driveway. How long would it take for a dead smell to waft into the street?


Dr.John said...

If you got a ream of paper for fivbe bucks you didn't get robbed you got traded.
If the truck stays two more days call somebody.

Trailady said...

We got robbed one time when I was a girl. Only all they took were the panyhose, bras & panties off our clothes line- nothing else. CRAZY world!

That's kinda creepy about that wierd guy. Keep an eye out...

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

My car used to get vandalized all the time in highschool. I was the 16 year old girl that everyone secretly hated I guess. No one said they hated me. They just broke into my car and tried to steal my factory radio. One time they stole my hubcaps.....they were plastic and warped so, honestly I was glad to have an excuse to buy new ones. They also egged my car even if I was parked at friends houses...weird. It was totally someone I knew I'm sure. Anyway, same goes for the truck incident. They were either highschool kids playing a prank or, someone you know.....maybe BT? Oh, yeah I totally agree with Dr. John time to call someone.

Miss Kelly said...

The smell comes pretty quick - right after rigor. All the juices come out and PEEEEEEEEEEW! I had a DBO claim once....(dead body odour).
People that break into cars are usually the more stupid thieves. I'm surprised the person didn't leave his wallet ont he seat or forget his coffee on the roof.

Mommy off the Record said...

That is one really weird car burglar. At least you got a ream of paper out of it.