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Friday, November 03, 2006

Aw love....

Being Dan's big 30th birthday celebration this weekend I have been trying to gather together some pictures and mementos from his last 10 years. (He said he wanted to honor his 20s today and I was lucky to be there for it all). So I was looking back at our scrapbook from when we were dating...and so glad I did that back then. It is really fun to see all the things we did together. I found some poetry he gave me on one of our first Valentine's days together and I thought, much to his dismay, that I would share some with you. Hold onto your seats ladies...

Silly Time
I make you giggle
You make me laugh
I love your wiggle
The only word I can rhyme with laugh is giraffe
My love for you is endless
It goes on like the stars
It is as big as the biggest earthquake
It does not leave when the cows go home
it stays like a stain on your favorite outfit
it eats more and more
all consuming
I feel complete when I'm with you
I know you feel the same as I do
Together we're a great team
You smile a sunbeam
You are my young filly
Gentle sweet as a lily
and never act like a runt
But like any great team
There's got to be a leader
Therefore serving is your duty
and I'll make the booty
You do all the housework
I'll be your Captain Kirk
Sometimes I feel inadequate
Next to something the same color as shit
When I have been bad
She always turns to it
The perfect mate
I loathe and hate
Forced on my every birth date
Oh heavens! It must be fate
The big winner is always chocolate
Happy birthday baby! You still make me weak in the knees.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, silly, sappy, smiles and laughs all in one. What a man you got there!!

Seriously he wrote you poetry...Ok, Dan needs to have a little talk with Alan. Hmmm, when/how can I get the 2 guys stationed together?!?! Oh no, wait,that means Leah and Hannah will join forces with your 3...that could be dangerous for us all.

Gingers Mom said...

Don't get too excited. It was a one time that romantic gesture that he has never repeated...and we were still dating. You know how that goes!

Anonymous said...

He should stick to his day job.

Gingers Mom said...

That may be true, but they are treasures to me and still the best gift I have ever been given on Valentine's day.

Ms.L said...

That's adorable!
How sweet:)

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Here's to Nicki never posting my old poetry online, so that I can make fun of Dan's.

"I'll be your Capt. Kirk?" At least he didn't mention Klingons.

Oh, and my personal favorite:

"Gentle sweet as a lily
and never act like a runt"
You're lucky you didn't marry Eminem... he would have found a word to rhyme with runt.

That is all. And in truth, my poetry was probably not much better...

Betty said...

I think it was good that you saved them. Not to many would even try.

Christina_the_wench said...

And yet you married him. Now THAT's love. hehehe

Happy Birthday, O' Poetic one!

Carolyn said...

Hee hee, you sweet filly, you.