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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Consider the Daffodil

Consider the daffodil....and while you do, I'll be over here looking through your stuff -
Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy
My mom has had a brilliant idea. Since my in laws are such wieners, she came to me with the suggestion that we have a garage sale to raise money for our Disneyland annual passes. I have always wanted to do a garage sale and never have and was giddy when I told Dan the fabulous plan. I am met with a HORRIFIED face.
A garage sale? Never! People will be looking through our stuff...knowing what we have...snooping...our neighbors will think we're trashy.
Sometimes he has a little too much of his mom in him. So in an effort to ease his troubled mind I am holding the garage sale at my parents house. Who desperately need a purging of their own as well. At least we have had years of the Navy abusing and breaking our stuff to clear out alot of our junk.
So I posted an ad online and such for the garage sale and already I have people emailing me about it. Do people really get all that excited about buying somebody else's old used junk? I had one girl email me who lives more than 45 minutes away who wanted directions. Am I the only one who finds that weird? People just can't wait for me to put out those old All-4-One CDs, smores maker that we only used once, battered old sofa, or the world globe from the 1980s. Treasures that they will come from miles around to sift through? I'm in awe and quite curious as to what kind of weirdos are gonna come crawling out of the woodwork. I think I will take pictures and copious notes to share with you.
Hopefully there really will be lots of people coming and this will end up being a lucrative venture after all. Our goal is $340. Cross your fingers!!


Catch said...

you know what they say...one mans junk is another mans treasure! lol. Good luck on your garage sale!

Ms.L said...

I love Jack Handy,lol

Some people just go nuts for garage sales. There's a whole sub-culture around it!
I hope you raise enough Mooooola:)

Carolyn said...

A yard sale is cheap entertainment for my family!

My daughter can usually find another stuffed animal for her huge collection.

It's possible to find really nice kid's clothes dirt cheap.

Sometimes I've found things that I've sold for substantially more on ebay, although most people nowadays check what it's worth on ebay before selling it.

Carolyn said...

I've actually joked before that our house is furnished in Early American yard sale!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea! There's not a lot I wouldn't do for Disney passes!!!

Ok, well there IS a lot, but a yard sale is definitely do-able!
(mentally picturing getting rid of hubby's 200 mix tapes...)

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Cheers to your mom for the productive idea of how to pump up the Disney funds. Also, don't rule out eBay, especially with your kids' clothes (unless you have another family member to hand-me-down to). Nicki and I have eBayed several of Josh's old outfits and with the occasional bidding war have made some spare change that way. And if you're already doing a yardsale, you may just be able to take whatever you don't sell from that, grab a picture or two, and throw it on eBay. Then, Dan won't be embarrassed and you never have to meet the winning bidder in person.

By the way, what is an "All-4-One", or do I even want to know?


Gingers Mom said...

Mike - I thought about ebay. Too much work. Most of the good clothes are going for hand me downs so I just have the less than stellar stuff. I have done alot of Craigslist too. I have sold all my maternity clothes in several different lots for about $200.
All 4 One is a lame boy band that was popular when we were in high school.
I think we will take all the leftovers from the garage sale and say $50 takes all on Craigslist or whatever.

Miss Kelly said...

Good luck. I wouldn't have the patience for a garage sale. I get embarrassed enough when we throw stuff out during Spring Cleaning week. Every Spring we're allowed to put out extra garbage (with a few exceptions, like large appliances) and the City picks it all up for you for free. It's a great, lazy way to get rid of junk but people actually drive around looking for stuff the week before. It's insane!

QueenieCarly said...

With your brother and sister-in-law moving are they going to get in on the action too? It's great timing for that, really.

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Good Luck! Hope you take home lots of $$$