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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

100 Things Part 5

Ok, before I begin..what the heck is up with this whole Blogger Beta thing? Are we all supposed to "upgrade" to that? When I go on blogs that are now blogger beta I can't comment. What the?? Are any of you planning on doing it? Let me know!

I had a great treat today and found a big box of clothes in my garage that I completely forgot about for Vincent. My super cool friend Nicki sent me this box maybe last year and it was FULL of clothes in Stinky's size. Just what I needed. I was worried about not having enough clothes for him this fall and he just had a BIG growth spurt. So, THANKS MIKE AND NICKI!!

71. Chewing gum makes my throat sore.

72. I love pumpkin stuff. Pumpkin pie...good. Pumpkin bread...good. Pumpkin soup...good. I look forward all year to the pumpkin pancakes at Mimi's Cafe. Do you have one near you? I go the very first saturday that they serve them every fall. I can't wait!

73. My favorite ride at Disneyland is Space Mountain. They closed it down for 2 years and when it repopened I was pregnant...of course...so I had to wait FOREVER to ride it while everyone else got to ride my ride. I finally got to ride it back in May. Still my favorite ride.

74. I hate Caillou. You moms know what I am talking about. I want to take that bratty little kid and give him a good wallop. That oughtta do it.

75. I don't teach my kids the proper names for their "parts". I know that child professionals say that it is important to name them properly but I just can't do it. Something about my sweet faced 2 year old saying the word "penis" just freaks me out. I'm not weird or anything about it. It's not dirty or shameful. I can say the words just fine but hearing it from their little mouths makes me squirm. Plus, I KNOW Savannah would go to school and talk about her vagina non stop. So we just stick to the word "privates".

76. I saw the premier of Studio 60 and was disgusted at their portrayal of Christians. I don't think I will be watching it ever again. In fact, it inspired me to write a complaint to the network because it was so offensive. And I never do that.

77. My favorite nut is a macadamia. It is the only type of nut that should EVER appear in a chocolate chip cookie.

78. When I was a kid, there was shortcut through the woods that made the walk home from school half as long. Years before I was in school there had been some disturbing events happen in those woods. Kids molested and all. By the time I was going to school they had gone a long way to clear out alot of the trees, put in a path and make it safer. But still, My mom NEVER let us walk that way even though all the other kids did. I thought that was lame and sometimes was a rebellious little booger and did it anyway. I look back at that now and want to slap myself silly. I can see why my mom felt that way. Isn't that always the way it is? Comes round to bite you in the ass. Then I think, why didn't the teachers volunteer to watch all the kids walk through there after school?

79. We named our son Vincent. Years before we were looking for a kitten and decided if the cat was a male we would name him Vincent after Van Gogh. Good thing we found a female.

80. I really want one of those license plate holders that says "Honk if one of the kids fly out." I think it is funny. And really...it would be nice if people would do me the courtesy of honking...if one of my kids flew out.


Miss Kelly said...

I don't know if I remember you not being allowed to walk through the woods. But yes, they were scary. I hated walking home alone, just for that reason. And it always smelled yucky after it rained.
I'm so with you on the Caillou thing - you hold him, I'll kick him in the mouth.
As for the private parts - I'm OK with the word penis, but Olivia has a hard time remembering the word vagina. So we call it her cooter. She thinks it's pretty funny and, well, I really don't care what other people think.

beadinggalinMS said...

I hate Caillou!!!

Ms.L said...

Ha,I should get that for my mum inlaw. She wouldn't let Dad buy a convertible because she was afraid the kids would fly out.

I agree about that little bald headed brat! That kid works my last nerve,Grrrr;p

I haven't seen that Studio 60 yet but will have to look for it. I hate anything that protrays anyone unfairly! I get that a lot as a homeschooler. Good for you for standing up.

My mum in law makes the beeeeest pumpkin loaf and I can remember having pumpkin cheesecake for my 16th birthday party,lol. I'm a fan too!

Yeah,I'm not sure what's up with that Beta BS..I'm not changing anything over and have been having the same problems.

Ginny said...

I will -for sure- honk if one of your kids fly out. Promise.

I've always wanted to make a bumper sticker that says "The Army trained me to kill" and that's all. I think it's plain enough for most ppl to understand ;-)

Gingers Mom said...

Kelly - I hated going through them alone too. But I usually walked through with YOU. Bad influence...

L - mmmmmm...pumpkin loaf. Send me some!

Beads - like Kelly said. Someone hold him and the other kick him in the mouth. Little punk.

Ginny - I love that idea. I would laugh my hiney off if I saw that.

Weinraub Family said...

I upgraded because I thought it would be better, I see no real differences...only pain in the butts. The only way I can comment now on regular blogspot blogs is if they allow "other users" or Anonymous comments...I can click on "other" and then enter my info. I would wait to upgrade till they work out the kinks if I were you.

LOVE LOVE Space Mountain. Although my memories of Disney Land are forever ruined because it was after our visit there (a few days later) that my parents told us they were getting a divorce.

I am with you on the penis thing...I really don't think I would handle hearing that out of Leah's mouth at any age. Heck I still don't like to hear my MOM say anything like that.

Blad brat...so there with you. These cartoons for kids, seriously people...like Dragon Tales...what is with the siamese twins that are different sexes...who comes up with this crap? (Great now I have the damn theme song to both cartoons in my head)

Pumpkin Pancakes, that sounds amazing.going to have to look up a recipe for that.

QueenieCarly said...

Beta Blogger: I've only heard bad things. The same things you were saying about commenting etc.

Pumpkin: Pick up Martha Stewart's magazine this month. There is pumpkin anything in there. I love pumpkin too, but after looking the issue through, I told my mom that if I did even half of the recipes and activities in there, I'd have enough pumpkin to make it through until next October. (And, yes, there is a recipe for pumpkin pancakes, but really, why make your own?)

Expanding on Ms. L.'s comment, I think that every group is poked fun at at various points on TV and in movies. Since I know you have a great sense of humour, it was likely not in fun, but Lael's response made me think of the time that a doula was featured on an episode of Frasier. She was named Harvest and she came with her own drummer. The whole doula community was up in arms while Bex and I were laughing our heads off. For the sake of comedy, I think you have to allow a little, but as I mentioned, you're a very funny woman and if it inspired you to write a letter... whoa. Keep us up to speed on what happens there, okay?

DreadPyrateRobert said...

First off, the reason those woods stunk so much after the rain is because the whole place was full to overflowing with skunk-cabbage. If you don't know what that is...just be happy and move on with your life.

As for the whole penis thing, it really bothers Stace, but I think its hilarious when Ace says "Hey, I have a HUGE penis! Look how big by penis is!" Busts me up everytime. Guess he's building a healthy ego. :)

Robert aka Big Brother(Who is in fact watching you)

Gingers Mom said...

Carly - I don't mind poking fun now and then. (Have you see Taladega Night with Will Ferrell? Hilarious) This was blatant anti Christian behavior and was not meant to be funny. It was infuriating.

Rob - I love it when Alex says that too. It cracks me up. He told Brady he had a "teeny tiny penis". I almost peed my pants.

Anonymous said...

Okay, first of all I LOVED the little bald headed Canadian! The young woman who did his voice died last year when she was hit by a drunk driver. Our mornings have not been the same without him!

Pumpkin -- anything DELISH!!!

Widget 1 calls her privates her 'girl parts' and Daddy's are 'boy parts'.

There is no need to make comments about any group of people in that fashion. Studio 60 should be ashamed of such behavior!

Carolyn said...

I hate Caillou too.

I want that license plate cover! That's too funny.

It sounds like you are going on a vacation, long-deserved at that.

Have fun.

My daughter's privates are called a tutu. Fortunately she doesn't take ballet class.