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Thursday, August 17, 2006

One Hundred Things (Part 1)

I figure it is about time I make my list of 100 things about me. And I am also due for a post not about poop. So here goes, let's see how far I get.

1. I like guacamole but not avocados.

2. I always wore a size 7 shoe until I had my kids and now I am a size 8. I have yet to get rid of all my size 7s because I still love them.

3. I'm a slob. Pick a room in my house, my car, you name it, it is cluttered no matter how hard I try.

4. I am bad with money. The only reason we have what we have is because of my husband's good sense.

5. I like movies with happy endings and books with sad endings. Weird.

6. I'm scared of the dark. Even now.

7. I never knew one of my grandfathers, and the other one died when I was only 8. He was wonderful. I still remember the feel of his chest rising and falling as he breathed and read his Bible when I would snuggle with him early in the morning. I only saw him a few times a year. He would hide candy for us to find after they would leave, it made them going home more fun. It makes me happy to see my kids with my dad. I never had that all time access to my grandparents and hope my kids will have that for years to come.

8. I am a 3rd child and often bug my mom for not filling in my baby book. I think my name is written in it. Now I have a hard time remembering to fill in Brady's. There is still more than is in mine. My mom is going to want to hurt me when she reads that. Hee hee.

9. My mother in law bought my kids piggy banks. They say "my first piggybank" on them. I hate them. I'm not sure if I hate them because they are from her, or because I think they are ugly.

10. I can't be certain, but even if my MIL turned into Mother Theresa I think it would be nearly impossible for me to like her.

11. I grew up going to school in Canada. By the time I left elementary school I think I new more about art and music than alot of people going to college in the US. I played 5 different instruments. Where is that kind of education today?

12. I still remember what it was like to be a kid and have adults talk about you like you are not in the room.

13. I am very pro breastfeeding and sometimes have a hard time not being judgemental about it. I feel very sorry for the friends I have had that were not able to do it. I like to breastfeed for a year. I think doing it for longer is fine. After the age of 2 it creeps me out, personally. I wouldn't say it is wrong, it just creeps me out. I don't like the idea of my kids, particularly my sons having that memory. But breastfeeding is so sweet and natural and makes me feel like a true woman when I do it. I'll be thrilled and terribly sad when those days are over.

14. I have 36DD breasts right now. I am going to be sad when the shrivel back up into a 34C...maybe smaller because I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for nearly 5 years. I like having bigger boobs. Sad thing is, in my family 36 DD is considered small.

15. My husband and I had a huge fight after we had been married for 2 weeks. I can't remember what about (funny I can remember what I was wearing...hee hee). We were movign to Corpus Christi, TX the next day from Pensacola. I sat down in a chair and said I was refusing to go unless we made up. I started unpacking. My hubby just got madder and madder. I think he caved just so I would get in the car the next day. We fight better now....a little.

16. I would really like a tatoo. I am too scared to get one. I had my belly button pierced but after this last pregnancy I let it close up because nobody wants to see my flabby belly anymore. I'd like to have Dan and I get our ring fingers tatooed. He thinks I am crazy.

17. My favorite flower is a daffodil. It was my grandma's favorite too. It makes me sad when I see them too. I miss her. I was grouchy the last time I saw her. I wish I had kissed her good bye, but I was in a hurry. I was supposed to just see her in another few days. She died before I got back.

18. When I was 21 I got Bell's Palsy. Most people only have it for a week or two and then it goes away with full recovery. I healed about 75% and still have some facial paralysis that embarasses me. It's hard to look in the mirror sometimes.

19. I am 5'10". I hated it when I was growing up because I was always taller than the boys. I like it now. I have a tall husband and it isn't awkward when we kiss. Plus it hides alot more of my fat rolls. Hee hee

20. I ate chocolate chip cookies for breakfast yesterday. This is not an unusual occurance.

So there is my first installment of 100 things. I don't know when I will get to the rest. But my kids are about to stage a coup.... Happy Thursday!

OH PS!! Make that score 2 for 2. Brady rolled over last night. YEAHH!!!!


beadinggalinMS said...

chocolate chip cookies for breakfast!! yummm you are my kind of gal!! :)

I went from a size 7 foot to a 8 and half sometimes 9. Why do woman's feet do that after we are pregnat?
I want a tattoo too but very chicken to have one done.

I will be looking forward to reading the rest of your list.

Tina Dray said...

Precious moments, rolling, crawling, talking, walking but its the begining of chaos. Lifes never the same scary but fun.

Ms.L said...

That's exciting!

I can relate to number 3 a lot;p
I loved this and can't wait to read your next installment:)

Andrew said...

I think that's the first time I ever heard of parenthood changing your shoe size. And I totally get why you haven't been able to give up the size 7s.
To Love, Honor and Dismay

Catch said...

great list!!! very interesting!!!! looking forward to the next batch!

Andrew said...

Hi, Thanks so much for visiting "To Love, Honor and Dismay" for for contributing the comment. If those spicy fights get to be too much, c'mon back and share!
All the best!

Jessia Snow said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm my moms only kid and my baby book is barely filled out either. Only a few pages beyond my name. I have vowed to do better for my kids. Well, the first one anyway :-)

QueenieCarly said...

I like daffodils too, Kristin. I actually love all spring flowers, but hyacinths are my favorite because of how great they smell.

I found your #11 interesting. I remember I dated an American guy and once, while we were talking on the phone we got on the topic of Fargo (the city) and he said to me "Isn't that in Minnesota?" I laughed and said "No! It's in North Dakota!" Which launched him into a rant about how embarrassed he was of the American school system. I'll never forget that he said "Canadians always know more about the rest of the world than we know about our own country!"

Bear and a Bee said...

Hey! I like this idea. Do you mind if I do it on my blog? Too late, I'm doing it tonight. Love ya!

Carolyn said...

I'm a bad with money, slob too!

I'm 5'9" tall and I wear a size 10W shoe. It used to be a nine BK. (before kids)

I am an extended breastfeeder and WANT to wean, but hate to hear the screaming. I fed my second for three years but she doesn't remember it. I think for them to remember, you would have to go until they were four or five.

I never intended to BF for this long. They grow so quickly that they are three before you know it.

Carolyn said...

And congratulations BRADY!

Miss Kelly said...

Good for you with the breastfeeding thing. I couldn't feed Olivia - she just wouldn't do it. Then I gave her a bottle and she loved it. So much for that.
I love #15 - makes me think of the stupid fights I'd have with Dum-Dum back when I was 20 years old and pregnant and he was 22 and partying. Terrible!

Weinraub Family said...

LOL, great idea. I may need to still this.

I am horrible with both my girls baby books. I think I filled out the first pages of both and nothing else.

LOL to #10...I feel ya on that.

I am pro breastfeeding too. I have no issue with women who try and decide it is not for them, but I have a an issue with women who never even try.

Cookies for breakfast, my daughter would love to live at your house.