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Friday, July 07, 2006

Yeah it's Friday!

I love Friday. I love the weekend. Even though I don't work out of the home, it is like have a weekend off too. It's nice to have help and have family time. I have been feeling frustrated with the Red Beast lately. Getting on my nerves. Is that terrible? I have been ignoring her and been snapping at her alot. I think we need to go out and have some special mommy and daughter time. That usually helps. I don't ever want her to feel like I don't love her to pieces or that I favor the boys. She is just more challenging. She's older and mouthier and generally more....a girl. Boys are simple and she is already female complicated. But I love her. I really do. I feel guilty alot about treating her bad. Guilt guilt guilt.
But it is Friday and a fun weekend is ahead. I decided to steal this from Mississippi Mud Pie and do a favorite quote for the week from my comments. And the winner is.....Tiffany!

"Hey! How come I am the sad preggo?...Oh yeah, cause I'm GINORMOUS! By the way, when you weren't looking, I dipped Brady's foot in the fudge, it was delicious. I'm sure that you have noticed his foot missing by now. Although, he has cankles, so maybe not?! Your fudge is out of this world! I have taken to smearing it on random objects in my house just as an excuse to eat chocolate and clean!:)"

Yes she is GINORMOUS (is that how you spell that?) and yes she took all my fudge. I like her cleaning method and have decided to adopt it as my own.

Happy Friday all!!

I'm making tunnel of fudge cake this weekend for a gal in our command that just had a baby. Check it out. Yummmy!!!!!!!!!


Mimi said...

Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet another Navy wife! Kristi on my links is a Navy wife too. And so is Cissa.

That cake sounds yummy! I feel the same way about Fridays. even though I don't work I love them. I know hubby is coming home and is mine for the weekend and we can just veg out and be together. I get dissapointed when he has to work on Fridays occasionally.

HAve a great weekend!

Ms.L said...

Mmmm I'm making that one day,yum!

Guilt sucks huh?
I felt that way about my kids when my daughter was younger. She was just ..easier to love. My son and I fought ALL the time and seemed to grate against each other.
It does get better though,now things are right where they should be:)

Catch said...

As the Mother of 2 older boys (36 and 31) and one younger girl (23) I can tell you girls are more complicated! But they are such treasures too. In their teens they dont think you know ANYTHING....when they get older and have a child they think you know EVERYTHING! lol Good luck..have girl time with just her, she will love it.

beadinggalinMS said...

That cake is on my make list!!! yummmm yummmm!!

What an honor you doing my comment thing!! Thank You!! You made my day.
Have a great weekend.

A special mom/daughter day is what you need. :)

Tiffany S said...

Don't worry about our girl. You are a wonderful mom, which is why you and Dan get our kids. I fell behind and am reading this after you took strawberry shortcake for ice cream. That just proves that you do fun stuff all the time with her. Anyway, how can you top a day with mom to a kid who goes to Disneyland once a month? :)
And that wonderful, naive, when are we going to do something special? Even 10 year olds do that. When I was teaching, I had a very similar experience. I just had to laugh to myself and think, well at least we do fun things.

Tiffany S said...

If that is what catch really looks like, than, "I'll have what she's having." (stollen frim one of the best movies, When Harry met Sally)

Gingers Mom said...

I'll second that!