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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Good times

Hey ya'll! We had a great weekend. Very productive. Dan was busy on Saturday and Sunday tearing out trees in our backyard. I was sad to see them go, but they needed to. One was a bottle brush tree that attracted TONS of bees and the other was leaning on our fence. Oh well. Sorry nature lovers!
Monday, we got new (to us) furniture from Craigslist. Our entire living room is now furnished. Couch, loveseat and chair along with a really pretty china hutch. All for $450. And it looks nice. Not too nice....otherwise Dan will NEVER buy me new furniture. It had to be strategically planned. Even he thought it was well played on my part to get exactly what I want. Ha!
I had my family over for a BBQ on the 4th. It was fun. We bbq'd ribs and had those grilled artichokes, potato salad, corn on the cob and cheesecake with my homemade fudge sauce. SO yummy. I wish we weren't such pigs and that we had some leftover. I gave the sad preggo sister in law the last of the fudge just so she wouldn't eat one of my children. (I'm sure I'll get a nasty phone call when she reads that one).
We went to the Target parking lot to watch fireworks, like all red blooded white trash Americans do on 4th of July. Good times. Vincent loved it and said that they were all yellow. I love all the patriotic songs and the flags and the lights. I love this holiday. I really do love our country and am proud to live here.

*I tried making a delicious Malibu Rum Cake this weekend and it was delicious. All thanks to Nicki for the idea!


Dianne said...

Can I send my daughter down to you? Poor thing, born on the 4th of July but lives in Canada. She has to watch the fireworks on tv. Glad your 4th of July was a safe and happy one!!!

Gingers Mom said...

Dianne - I'll take her! But only with a trade. Are you up for a really saucy redhead??

Tiffany S said...

Hey! How come I am the sad preggo?...Oh yeah, cause I'm GINORMOUS! By the way, when you weren't looking, I dipped Brady's foot in the fudge, it was delicious. I'm sure that you have noticed his foot missing by now. Although, he has cankles, so maybe not?! Your fudge is out of this world! I have taken to smearing it on random objects in my house just as an excuse to eat chocolate and clean!:)

Carolyn said...

That sounds YUMMY!

Dianne said...

I would definitly trade. My girl is 6 going on 16. Today she sat in the bathroom for 10 minutes brushing her hair and then told me I had to cut her bangs because they are annoying her soooooo much right now! And then can I put nail polish on her fingers because they just aren't pretty plain. Heaven help me when she is a teen! I'm also willing to swap my really active 1 year old who is just about to walk. He sleeps through the night! The only bad thing is he gets into everything!!! Good thing he's cute!

Gingers Mom said...

Dianne - I don't know which is worse...I keep hoping my little one will get out of the "into everything" stage. But then to be met with preteen angst? Lord help us all! You should start a blog of your own so we can read about you escapades!