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Saturday, July 08, 2006

A date with Mama

When Dan got home from work last night I said that I needed to go out and spend some time with the Red Beast, just me and her. I figured it was that or I was gonna end up pelting her with apples. I told her we were going to go out on a special date just me and her. She was so excited. I wish I could have captured that silly little smile on camera.
We both got dressed up in dresses - this was a special occasion! Red walks in and says, "Mommy you looks beautiful!" Wow...that's better that any date I go on with her dad! Our first stop was Mervyn's to get her some new shoes. She needed tennis shoes for school anyway and this was always great fun to her. I picked out the most adorable pair of white leather shoes with pink laces. I told her that they were very grown up. She picked a pair of velcro Disney Princess shoes. I hated them. She giggled when I told her that and said "Princess!" Guess what we got? But in all fairness to a date with Mama rules, she won.
We went to the register to pay for them...they werwe $2 more that I thought. Drat. And I let Red pay. She got to swipe my card and help me type in my pin #. What fun! Then I told her we were off somewhere to get a treat. She said she wanted cake. Hmmm....cake. There was a major traffic accident in our neighborhood so it was hard to get anywhere. I wanted to take her to California Pizza Kitchen because we both love their chocolate souffle, but I settled for Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour instead.
We sat down to order and Savannah yells, "I want cake!" to every waiter who walks by. I ordered us a Mint Marvel Fudge Cake. Sounded good to me and it had cake in it. When it arrived, it was 2 pieces of chocolat cake with mint chip ice cream sandwiched between and whipped cream and a cherry. Savannah quickly gobbled down the cherry - she doesn't share and then complained - "I wanted cake!". I tried to show her that there was cake to no avail. Then she started whining for an ice cream cone. Then the jumping on the table started. Mommy getting very frustrated.
I paid and we left. On the way to the car she says, "So, what is my special treat?" ARRRGH!!!
3 year olds.


Miss Kelly said...

Oh gosh. Sounds, um, fun?
The shoes are cute though. Olivia had a similar pair but were Winnie The Pooh with a Heffalump on the side. They light up, right?

Gingers Mom said...

Unfortunately, yes. I hater character shoes. THey bug me. Oh well. She likes them.

beadinggalinMS said...

I just spent over 4 hrs in town with 2 crabby teens and 1 preteen who wants everything. I will trade you your 3 yr old for a day. :)

I got my free pedometer today in the mail. :)

Gingers Mom said...

I dont know beadinggal....sounds like an even trade. :)
I still haven't gotten mine! Gr.

Mimi said...

I am laughing but I feel your frustration too. My son is 17 months, my turn is coming.

Mommy off the Record said...

Oh, classic. Thanks for showing me what I'm headed for in 2 years!

Pattie said...

My daughters would kill for those sneakers!

And her response to your outing is something I can relate to!

Ms.L said...

Awww cute widdle foot:)

Miss Kelly said...

Little girls are just so precious, aren't they? I had a fight with mine this morning because it was a little overcast and I made her put socks on and she wanted to wear her "flip flops". Which I then tried to correct her to say thong instead....oh boy. Then she wouldn't talk to me the whole way to daycare. She is so stubborn!