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Monday, July 10, 2006


My husband and I speak different languages. I speak human...and he speaks man. Ok, ok, not fair...I speak woman...but at least it makes sense. Needless to say it is very difficult for us to communicate. We have progressed over the years in our marriage, it was ugly at first. When we were first married we actually went 2 or 3 days without even speaking. Childish? Absolutely. We have both learned to compromise and grow and attempt to translate into the jibberish that the other understands.
Last night we had a ridiculous argument. The kind that is over a tiny little thing and you decide to behave like a 5 year old instead of the calm cool and stable adult that you are. Our new house does not have screens on the windows. It is bloody hot here this summer and I feel as though I am sleeping in a coffin because our room is so stuffy. My hubby finally got around to making the screens last night. He did not do one for ours. He made one for Red's instead. AAHHHHHRRRRGGGG! So I got snippy...then he got snippy and then we were slamming things and not talking and glaring. Finally I started realizing I'm tired of this. I hate fighting. Let's just make up.
But then....

K: I hate fighting. Let's not do this anymore

cricket cricket

K: Let's make up now and move on.

cricket cricket

K: Fine!

cricket cricket

K: So you are going to ignore me now??

Now Dan's point of view

(Dan happily playing on the computer in peaceful silence interrupted by...)

K: Blah blah blibber blabber globbety glup!


K: Snappety snippety flubety blibber blabber

What the???

K: Blah blah blah wa wa wa snap snap!!!!

All in all is was a successful make up. We are growing and maturing everyday. You all know that I was right and he was wrong, right???


Mimi said...

LMAO! OF COURSE you were right! We women are always the right one. A smart man knows this;)

Catch said...

Of course you were right.....your a female arent you????? lol.

Miss Kelly said...

He is totally in the wrong! Always has, always will be.
Kick him in the mouth for me.

DreadPyrateRobert said...

I have no idea what you're talking about! Why do I keep coming here? You were upset because as a REASONABLE father your husband chose to look to your child's well-being. That seems quite REASONABLE since her comfort will equate to a quieter happier (if you will let yourself enjoy it) night for you. It all seems very REASONABLE to me. But what am I talking about? Women don't really care about the REASONABLE. That's a Man-word. ;)
I really hope you cut this poor guy a break...after you kick him in the mouth apparently.

Robert aka Big Brother(Who is in fact watching you)

Ms.L said...

lmao,you'll ALWAYS be right!
Great post Kristin,I especially love the begining,hee hee
This is exactly how my hubby and I fight.We've given up being mature and reasonable,it just doesn't work for us...cause we're not reasonable and mature,lol! Why fight it?;p

Mel said...

OH so funny his view of the conversation! I bet thats JUST what my hubby hears when I talk!

Crazedmomof4 said...

I hope when I grow up, I will be a mature fighter! :D

Of course you were right & I bet you were mad that he stopped at Red's room, right? Man start projects but never finish.;)

Sometimes the make up part is good!

Gingers Mom said...

Poor poor Robby. I think you are the only man that reads my blog. And although you are so so wrong, I appreciate you attempting to communicate to us in your foreign tongue.
Kelly - That gets me every time!

In all fairness, Dan is a great guy and means well. At least he is doing stuff around the house to help...even if it is wrong. HA!

DreadPyrateRobert said...

Of COURSE I'm the only guy who reads this girlish shlock! However, I feel the burden of my responsibility as your brother to try to correct all the errors of all your ways...and to inject truth into as many of your maniacal lines of thought as possible. ;)


Robert aka Big Brother(Who is in fact watching you)

Gingers Mom said...

Maybe by reading you will learn some of my wisdom...that's all we can hope.

DreadPyrateRobert said...

And therein lies the very root of the problem. Wisdom? Um...no...

Sad...so very sad. Even sadder that its not the first time today I've made that comment on here. ;)

Robert aka Big Brother(Who is in fact watching you)