We can do it

Thursday, June 29, 2006


I am still in search for the blog template that suits me best. I decided to give this one a whirl. Shana said I needed something more girly. What do you think? Blogger has some sucky choices...


michele said...

Zoots design has some really great templates they are easy to work with. I was looking at templates when I saw your comment on Blogging Chicks blogroll. It's not just a list of blogs, it's a linking of those blogs together -- close to 200 blogs will have a link to your blog. The readers from those blogs may decide to check you out. Plus we have a weekly Carnival in which we link to a post on your blog, if you submit it to the Carnival.

If you are interested then email me. My address is in the side bar of the
Blogging Chicks Metablog.

Carolyn said...

I love it.

I've never seen one like it.

Gingers Mom said...

I have been searching all day and have bookmarked a bunch of pages with free templates that I like. I do like this one, but will probably be testing things out for a while.

Blogget Jones said...

Would you mind sharing some of those bookmarks? I've been wanting to spice up my blog lately, too.