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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Unconcious Mutterings

Ok, thanks to Ms. L I bring you my first Unconcious Mutterings. You read the word and type the first thing that comes to your mind. I actually did my answers without reading hers first which is a good idea so you aren't influenced. Try it and have fun!

  1. Immune :: protected. Makes me think of someone strong - emotionally, for some reason.
  2. Together :: Family. Our family is tight, and together in spirit if not physically.
  3. Blank :: my mind.
  4. Professional :: business suit. Some stuffy looking old man with a briefcase
  5. Thousand :: dollars - wish I had it!
  6. Penetration :: Ummm....you know what I thought.
  7. Shutter :: plantation. I love plantation shutters and wish I could put them in my house.
  8. Upside down :: Savannah.
  9. Neck :: tight and sore - mine usually is
  10. Unlisted :: my phone number. Not that it is or needs to be. I'm just happy when it rings.


Ms.L said...

Hee great list!
I could use a thousand bucks too;p

Carolyn said...

Ms. L took the words right out of my mouth.

And that little boy in the pic below is cute as a button!

Gingers Mom said...

That is his new weird scrunchy face. The Scram face...