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Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Pal Shana

Meet my pal Shana. She is going to hate this post. Isn't she pretty? She is my best pal in the whole world. Shana and I have never NOT known each other. We were in the nursery together at church when we were babies and grew up together. I think God just plunked us down next to each other and said "There's a good fit". If I could have conjured up a sister for myself she would have been the model. I love her. If it weren't for the whole same gender thing I would have wisked her away and married her - so instead we are the best of friends. Not to mention we both really do love our husbands....
We have lived in different countries since we were 13 years old and every time we see each other it is like no time has passed. I don't know any other people who have a friendship like ours - we are really lucky. For any of you who know what I am talking about she is the Jonathon to my David. She knows all my secrets, so I won't say anything here to piss her off. That is the problem with having a friend you have know for nearly 29 years! She knows I can't read a map to save my life, figure out a bus route, or resist any temptation to junk food but she loves me anyway.
Shana is a hairdresser - her salon has a link on my blog. She is the best. I have offered to move her down to San Diego to do my hair and I would pay her in gummie bears, but she has not taken me up on the offer as of yet.
We live a very similar life. It seems all the major life events have happened around the same time. We both met our husbands in high school. Got married within 3 months of each other, had babies one right after the next. It feels like God set up our life so that we would always know what the other was going through. I never feel alone with her in my life.
In an effort to get her goat a little bit, here are a few random facts about Shana:

She broke her uncle's nose one day while he was tickling her. She actually kicked him in the face. Cool.

She is terrified of germs - yes you are. Salmonila gives her nightmares.

She has an odd relationship with oranges - can't get enough of them.

She wore maternity thongs. This I cannot understand. Weren't you uncomfortable enough?

Her 4 year old eats every vegetable imaginable. I think she has brainwashed her or has joined some kind of veggie cult.

At my wedding I made her wear a strapless dress which made her nervous so she had it altered super tight. Too tight in fact, and ended up having her sweater puppies on display for the entire church. Did we ever determine if that picture actually showed nipple??

She doesn't love junk food. I don't understand it or respect it, but I love her anyway.

Shana is everything I am not. We really are a good match. She ended up with all the good qualities. :) Organized, stable, rational. I am the opposite of each, so she keeps me grounded. Anyway, I'll share more about her with you, but there's her introduction to blogland.


Miss Kelly said...

Great post - Hi Shana!
Who did she marry???

Carly-Ann said...

That's great, Kristin. What an excellent post!

How wonderful to feel so perfectly matched with a friend. It's great you found each other so early!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

I married Adam McNee, he was a year behind us in school but our age. We've been married 6 years in September. Kristin said you're back in Coquitlam. Hope all is well with you!
Take care,
PS Kris you forgot to mention that I am so disgusted with public washrooms I have a full bathroom routine on NOT touching anything!!! And now my 4 year old is perfect at it and tells my mom or anyone else how to not touch things if they take her to the washroom!! Ha Ha

Gingers Mom said...

I did forget that. It really is quite remarkable.

Trailady said...

You know, I'm SO envious. I've moved around so much of my life that I never had the opportunity to have a soul mate like that who was female. The few girlfriends I've had are special to me and I love my husband, but my soul mate was a boy named Paul. We were like peas & carrots. I adored him and he me. We had the best talks together. We were close for a decade, he wanted to marry me, but it didn't work out as I went off to college and met someone else. He let me go without a fight so I thought he didn't care. I miss him terribly! On certain days it hits me hard and I just want to hear his voice, but our families have pretty much forbidden us to have any contact with each other. I will love him until my dying day-not is a sexual or even necessarily marital way. Just never found another soulmate like him in my life thus far. This post of yours made me miss him terribly. I am happy you have been able to have such a great relationship.

***Double_Oh_No*** said...

WHAT? They make maternity thongs??? I'm so glad I missed those.

Yes, Shana is very pretty. It makes a person even more beautiful when you know that they have such a heart. I am fortunate enough to have a friend that is my soulmate, as well. We were both "the new kids" at our school in our sophomore years, but even though we didn't literally grow up together, we know each other better than anyone else. Sometimes I think God threw us together, too, on the marching band field as a matter of fact.

But I digress. This is a great post. It's awesome to make a tribute to your best bud!

Gingers Mom said...

Trailady - it is hard to let some friendships go. I am sorry to hear about your friend. At very least it sounds like you have a great pal in your hubby.

It is a great experience to have a friend like this and I feel truly blessed every day.

Anonymous said...

The friendship has certainly gone both ways!! You've been there through my darkest hours and my most wonderful moments, even if by telephone or email!!! I miss you and I am truly sorry for being a mail loser!!!! I vow to do better in the next 3o years!!!! I love you.

Trailady said...

Yes, I am a very sentimental person who has never found letting go to be an easy thing.
I have a great man in my life- to be sure! But you know, you just never forget the first person you really connect with...