We can do it

Monday, April 10, 2006


Today is my first official day alone with all 3 of my children. I am terrified. I know the first 2 are out to get me, the little one hasn't seemed to make up his mind yet whose side he is on. Chances are I am gonna lose that one. So far, all four of us are still alive and still have our limbs intact. I cannot, however, say as much for my parents' house. I think a bomb went off. There used to be carpet, but it cannot be found. My mom will be thrilled to come home to this joint. :) Pray that we survive these dark hours. If I stop blogging, it is because they have tied me up and thrown me in a closet somewhere.


Anonymous said...
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Trailady said...

HA HA- you have such a great sense of humor!
Seriously though, how well I remember that feeling of panic as I watched Grandma drive away 2 weeks after each newborn. (All mine ended up being C-sections after long, fruitless labors- so at 2 wks I was still barely up and around.) Just keep telling yourself, "I'm going to be okay- I CAN do this".

If you get lonely or depressed during this time, let somebody know so they can be there for you.

PS. If those toddlers get to be too much, simply fasten the little rascals to a chair with a little duct tape- that'll fix 'em. Or rent one of those velcro-fly walls, dress the kids in fuzzy jammies and stick them up on the wall for a while. (kidding folks!)

Take care, Kristen! :o)

Gingers Mom said...

Thanks, Trailady. It actually went ok today. We all survived. They are good kids. Thank GOD Vincent went down for a THREE hour nap today. Whew.
I haven't had much of the baby blues. I am lucky that I've never had much of it with any of my kids. That would make it so much worse.

Anonymous said...

I knew you survive!! You are tough, and if all else fails, sit on em!!!! That'll teach the 'little darlin's.' Or feed them all the sugar you can and send them next door to visit your neighbours! That'll teach the party boys.

Miss you

Miss Kelly said...

Terrifying! I had 3 kids alone on Sunday while Adam was at work, but thank goodness mine are old enough to know not to piss me off. We went to Ice Age 2 and it was a great waste of an hour and a half. Olivia ate a whole box of Reese's Pieces, but it kept her happy so I didn't care. Until we got home and she ran for 2 hours straight. ~sigh~