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Friday, March 24, 2006

Self Gratification

No news for ya'll. I was sure last night was the night. Dan even flew in. He is here until Sunday. This kid will come out today or tomorrow if he knows what's good for him. I still can't picture what he's gonna look like. I never can, but I'd like him to pop out all brown. Brown hair, brown eyes - even brown skin would be fun. You never know....Dan's Mexican roots could make their way to the surface. I'm off to have a massage this morning. I have dedicated myself to self gratification from now until baby day. If I want a Starbucks, I get a Starbucks. If I want a big box of chocolates - I get one. I want a massage today so I am going to get one. If this pregnancy lasts any longer I am going to be insanely obese and bankrupt. Oh well. Shouldn't have knocked me up yet again, DAN.
Oh, and to add to the extra super fun we are having around here, Dan is VERY sick. He flew in last night and went straight to bed with a nasty fever. So none of us have even seen him. Poor guy. Poor me. Poor kids. I made him sleep in the guest room. Can't risk getting sick before delivery. Can't we catch a break???

BTW - anyone have any creative ideas to bring on labor? I'll take any suggestions you can give me!


***Double_Oh_No*** said...

Is there a Buca di Beppo near where you live? (If you're not familiar with it, it's an Italian restaurant.) When I was about six months pregnant, my husband and I ate there for the first time. They told us to come back closer to our due date and eat some eggplant dish. They "guaranteed" that it would send me into labor, as I guess it had worked for several other women. So that might help!

I haven't read The Notebook yet, though I do have the book. As soon as I get all these textbooks out of the way, I'll hopefully get to read for enjoyment again soon!

Best wishes with things this weekend!

Ms.L said...

I thought my Native blood would creep through my kids,but NOPE,both blonde and pale!

Hmmm,tips for labour...walk,lots.
Drink castor oil?
Sorry,I'm no help...

Gingers Mom said...

I've gone online and gotten some ideas.
Evening primrose oil
Cumin tea

I've done all that, and am looking for more. We'll see!

Carly-Ann said...

Um, have you tried knockin' the boots? If your cervix is ripe, that and nipple stimulation WILL work. Good luck with it!

Shana said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I keep a blog listing pregnant bloggers and have added you to the list. Please let me know if you'd like to be removed or if I need to change any information. http://thebabyregistry.blogspot.com

Thanks, and congrats again.

Spider Girl said...

Good luck with your labour!

My friend just had her baby and I am in awe of every woman who has gone through this amazing experience!

By the way, thank you for your comment on my blog, re: the peace demo I went to. I just wanted to tell you that some of the military fellows came and chatted with us during the time we were there and the crowd was very respectful to them. We have so many friends and neighbours at the base in our town--I can't imagine anyone being so rude as to "flip them off". I'd definitely want to disassociate myself with people who did that.

Trailady said...

You know what? You TOTALLY deserve some gratification. Unfortunately, there are few people who will pamper you, so pamper yourself!!
Nobody ever gave me any special treatment because I was pregnant. My husband was great, but none of my friends pampered me or treated me special. There was one friend, Gina who showered me with hand-me-downs and did a nice shower for me, but that's the closest I came. I hear these women at the gym telling how their girlfriends paid for them to have a massage, and mother-in-laws who took them out to eat just because. LUCKY!!!
Go enjoy yourself.