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Monday, March 20, 2006


I read a list of confessions on the TMI Spot and found her list fascinating and decided to create one of my own. Some I am proud of, some I regret -but all are true confessions.

I often feel bitter about my husband's job. I want him to retire from the Navy and find a 9-5 job where we can see him everyday.

I am proud of Dan too and everything he stands for. I am proud of our country and proud of our President.

I love my dog, but sometimes wish we had gotten a bigger one.

I eat alot of candy. Everyone would say so - but eat even more when people aren't looking.

I am feeling very little patience for my kids right now - particularly my daughter and have been yelling alot. I lay in bed at night and feel guilty about it.

I'm not kidding when I say I'd LIKE to have a Martini shaker in the delivery room. I would if it was at all socially acceptable.

I will sometimes skip dinner and eat only junk food - pregnant or not.

I have gotten a spinal headache each time I have given birth, but I don't care. I still want an epidural this time - the pain sacres me.

I am incapable of being organized. I have a brand new van and it look like a tornado struck inside.

I miss my husband, but am very happy to have the bed to myself.

I spend money on things I don't need because it makes me feel better when I am lonely. I never tell Dan. Even though he knows because he checks our account online everyday.

Anyone brave enough to share your confessions?


DreadPyrateRobert said...

Um, nope. I believe in bottling up all my secrets. Besides, my wife might see them if I put them on here and I never tell her any of my secrets. :D

Gingers Mom said...

That's good and healthy, Robby. I am proud to call you my brother.

Carolyn said...

I yell at my kids too much and am trying to stop. It feels like they know ALL the right buttons to push.

I call my van the "trash van."

Shopping makes me feel better too.

I never got an epidural - not for lack of requesting one though.

Gingers Mom said...

It's good to hear other people struggling with the same problems. It's amazing how our kids know exactly what to do to drive us crazy!!

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Yes, I snap at Josh and then cry about it later when he naps. You know if I were there, I'd get the martini party rollin'!

Blogget Jones said...

When my son was younger, I yelled at him too much. I was sick and frustrated with my husband and took it out on my son. I'll always regret that.

I also eat way too much chocolate. And I'm diabetic. Gotta stop that.

I can't organize my finances. there's no reason why I should be broke by payday.

I listen to music I would ban my children from owning.

And I totally understand about the epidural. I was actually delighted to have a planned C-section with my daughter because I liked the idea of being totally numb and not experiencing the pain of labor.

I'm sure I can think of more later! LOL


Carly-Ann said...

I'm working on it...

Miss Kelly said...

I'll post one too, Kris. And the yelling - no matter what those Nannies say, yelling WORKS. There's that little bit of satisfaction when you yell and then see their eyes well up with tears after - then you know you scared them enough that for the next hour all they're going to do is kiss your butt! (Evil laughter in background).
Don't even bother trying - Canada doesn't have Social Services....

Gingers Mom said...

Ah Kelly - I love your perspective. And it makes me feel better that someone else does have that moment of satisfaction too. i didn't mention that part.

Gingers Mom said...

Ah Kelly - I love your perspective. And it makes me feel better that someone else does have that moment of satisfaction too. i didn't mention that part.

Anonymous said...

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Trailady said...

I love your honesty, Kristin. Hmmmm, my confessions??
I think we all raise our voices with the kids more than we want to. They do seem to know what buttons to push. When you are late every single day because the kids let the dogs out to go terrorize the canine-phobic neighbor and I have to call & chase them down to get them back in the house. I YELL. I mean, I've told them a million times NOT to let the dogs out before we leave to go somewhere, but they NEVER listen! Nobody will admit who lets them out either.

I don't like my husband's line of work. He's been on call 24/7 the last 12 years. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of his unpredictable schedule.

I fluxuate between totally loving my body and being totally disgusted.

Fake people get on my nerves BIGTIME. You know, the kind that act nice, but you can tell they really don't like you and they won't ever tell you why so you can fix it.

When someone talks about me behind my back, I just want to slap 'em.

I could eat a WHOLE container of Breyer's choco-mint chip ice cream with the chocolate shell stuff drizzled over top.

I am terrible about making dental appointments for our family! We haven't had a check-up for 2 years. Of course, moving so often doesn't help. Just when we find a good dentist, we leave again and I have to start all over again.

I am amazingly terrified of heights because I have Geronimo syndrome. It makes me have the overwhelming urge to jump.

My feet smell like corn-chips when I take my shoes off after a workout. No idea why?! My kids want to smell my feet when I take my sneakers off because they think it's totally funny the way they smell.

Okay, that's enough honesty for now... :o)