We can do it

Monday, March 06, 2006

3 more weeks

Had a great time with my man this weekend. We did nothing. It was awesome. Weird to have someone over 3 feet tall sleeping in my bed again...but Savannah ended up in there too so it was a super sexy time. It melted my heart to see how happy the kids were to see him. I don't think they let Dan out of their sight for the whole 2 days.
Savannah is taking it hard to have daddy gone again. How do you explain that to a 3 year old? She loves him so much. Vincent just keeps wandering around the house looking for him. Ug! That is the hardest part. Another 3 weeks and he comes home for 1 day. We'll hang tight until then.


Trailady said...

Hang in there, Girlfriend. He'll be back before you know it...

(Okay, that sounds good, but I know it's really TOUGH when your man is gone.) :o(

Gingers Mom said...

Thanks so much. The time is going pretty fast, considering. I do miss him though. Your words of encouragement are very sweet.