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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What's that smell? It's Stinky!

Meet Stinky. Also known as Vincent Christian Cain, my son. Or Dincent as Savannah calls him. He pretty much lives up to his nickname. This child can let some SERIOUS ones rip.
Many people seem offended that I would walk around calling my very own son, Stinky, but that just gives me more pleasure in doing it. Stinky is a unique little character, like most toddlers. He is incredibly charming, when he chooses to be. His smile could melt the heart of the toughest soul around. I fear the day that he discovers girls.
He is almost 16 months old and has had quite a life so far. He was born 9/23/2004 in a room full of women (me, my mom, my sister in law Tiffany, the nurse and the OB) and flirted with us all at moment one - and we were hooked. His dad was deployed at the time and missed the event. I think that is what started his initial love for women. For an entire year, he had no interest in men at all and even took quite a while to warm up to his daddy when he returned when Vincent was a month old.
Around his first birthday, Vincent had a bad accident with a cup of tea that landed him in the hospital for several days with a second degree burn over 10% of his body. He handled it like a trooper and was the heartthrob of the hospital. We were very lucky that none of his scars are permanent and he is just as adorable as always.
After that time, he started only liking men. (Probably because all the nurses who bandaged him were women and he hated that). His daddy went away for a few weeks right after, and he sobbed the entire time until he returned. Now they are the best buddies in the world. He has an amazing bond with his Poppa too. They play all kinds of games I am not privy to and could play and laugh together all day long. Grandma, Tia (Aunt Tiffany) and myself are all a little jealous.
He recently learned to growl at people from his sister. And has entered the land of no return - temper tantrums, at such a young age. He will go into the pantry, pick out a jar of food or a snack then climb in his chair and demand to be fed. He loves to wrestle, annoy his sister, dance with Boohbah (yuck!), yell "no!", and he just discovered how to pick his nose. We are proud. He is a little chatter box and astonishes me daily with the things he can say - already! He gives the greatest wet kisses and snuggles close to my neck when I hug him. You never have to guess if this kid loves you - he does. Stinky goes to sleep everynight like a champ. We sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before I lay him in his crib, he giggles and grabs onto his sock monkey - George - and rolls over to then sleep all night long. It's wonderful. By morning I miss him and can't wait to hear him banging on the wall waiting to come out and play. Keep your eye on this one. He's gonna do something great one day. Well after all, he is the greatest little boy around, what else could I expect??


Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

So great to see some older pics of Vince. He is a trooper. Josh is still picking his nose. Like's to think it's his own storage container for snacks! Lovely that he has this habit when we are in a culture that is obsessed with sanitation! Love, Nicki

Gingers Mom said...

Savannah used to shove Cheerios up her nose. SO gross. Luckliy she grew out of that before I had to take her to the hospital for an extraction. Ick. You know, no matter what country you are in, a kid's finger is always going to find its way up their nose.

Miss Kelly said...

Evan once had a piece of cotton up his nose and it was there for months - it got to the point that it was getting smelly! He was 2 - what do you expect? I don't know what Adam's excuse is, though. I mean, the guy is over 30.
See my most recent blog - has Vinnie been on my commuter train lately?

Trailady said...

Your kids are so cute! My youngest child could fart louder than her Daddy when she was a baby-which was particularly embarrassing in church.

Gabrielle Eden said...

These kids are soooo cute.