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Friday, January 27, 2006

Stuff I Love

1. First and foremost I really love God and am thankful to Him for all that I have in life.
2. My family - every last one of them - even the ones we don't tell people about. (As my sister in law says, if you don't know who the black sheep in your family is - it's YOU) I'm pretty darn lucky to have one of those Beaver Cleaver families that really love one another. My in laws are an entirely different story.
3. My dog Ubu. Ubu is a 4 year old black lab. She doesn't really love me all that much. She was a gift for me from my husband when we were first married. Now I think she spends all her time trying to find a way to get rid of me so she can have Dan all to herself. None the less, I love her. She is the most mellow and sweet dog in the world. And I have never seen a dog better with kids than her.
4. Baking. Mostly because of the eating it part. I could bake a cake every day. That is because I would have no problem eating an entire cake in 24 hours.
5. People watching. I'm not the biggest "joiner". But I could sit for hours and just watch the world go by. I am perfectly happy going to a party and just listening in. I find people fascinating and like hearing what they have to say - with or without my input. As you probably guessed from my last blog, I enjoy speculating about the lives of strangers.
6. My birthday. I love it as much as the next six year old. I will never grow up about it - I can't sleep the night before and I am up at the crack of dawn the day of. (I'm the same way at Christmas) I think it should be a national holiday. There aren't many situations where I like being the center of attention, but this is one of them. And there is cake.
7. Chocolate. I'm sure I don't need to elaborate.
8. Going to the movies. I hardly ever get to do it. Little kids make that hard. Plus Dan can't sit still long enough to enjoy a movie in the theater. He too is like a 6 year old. But if I had a choice of what to do on a Friday night, a movie would be a top choice. I don't even really care what we see (I prefer romantic comedies). I'll go see anything, almost. I just like the experience, and the smells and the food. Mmm...popcorn. I like to dip it in mustard. Not sure why, but you should try it.
9. Shopping. I could go for hours and hours on end and not even need to buy anything. I just love to do it. Especially with my mom. We have made a sport out of it. On the day after Thanksgiving and the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale we are up at the crack of dawn (literally) waiting with our noses pressed up against the glass doors. Dan and my dad think we are sick and probably spend most of the day pacing and sweating about how much we can actually spend in one day.
10. Being pregnant. I joke, I complain, I have a huge ass. But when it comes down to it, it is the greatest thing. Nothing in this world can melt my heart like my kids. And just knowing that right now there is a God created soul in my belly just waiting to come out and meet me is amazing. I have a relationship with this little boy that no one yet knows or understands and it is something that only he and I will share for all our lives. That is special. And worth every last stretch mark.


shana said...

I better be lumped up in the family category!!!!!! Love you!!

Gingers Mom said...

Of course you are lumped in with family. Who do you think the black sheep is??

Mike, Nicki, and Josh said...

Loved the last one! Except for I'm a little different....I loved the being pregnant part just not the sleepless nights afterwards! You'd love the movies here. Even though we get movies a little later than statside, it only costs $3 to get in. I got a large popcorn and large soda for $4. Even if Josh has a meltdown in the middle of it we're only out $7 :)Went to see Zathura the other day with the neighbors. Looking forward to the Curious George movie coming out.
Can't wait to finally meet the littlest soul of yours when he makes his first apearence. Even if it is over a computer screen.

Gingers Mom said...

We recently discovered the movies on base here. It is $1 to get in. They only have a few showings during the week, but it's cheap! If only we could get more people to babysit. Savannah is very excited to see Curious George. She loves the movies more than me.
I'm looking forward to meeting this little wiggly beast too. He's nutty and likes to keep me up at night. How was Zathura?

Trailady said...

Kristin, you sound like a deep, wonderful and spiritual person. Thanks for sharing a little of your heart with us. :o) You and I share many of the same loves.

Anonymous said...

If I'm the black sheep you have some weird family pets!!!!!! shan

Gingers Mom said...

Tell me about it.

Miss Kelly said...

My mom and I are the same way. No wonder we're still friends after all that crap you've put me through. And I love Ubu too. So does Evan - he totally remembers him!

Gabrielle Eden said...

you are so funny and creative and speak your mind!