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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Backhanded Love

My little Brady has a big heart.  When he feels the love it just oozes out of him as though he will burst if it's not expressed and showered upon those around him.  (this goes for when he is in a bad mood to, mind you)  But it is something I admire about him.

So the other day I could see the delirium of love washing over him as he climbed onto my lap.  He started rubbing my leg with his sweaty little boy hand and gazed into my eyes.  (I'm telling you girls...you're in big trouble...)  He sighed a big sigh and said dreamily...  "Do you know who my favorite mommy is?"

I smiled, recognizing the little game we play.  "Is it me?"

He beamed and hugged me enthusiastically.

Then he leaned back, rubbed my leg again, and gazed into my eyes.  Then paused....looked down...looked back up to me and said.

"Um...I think you need to shave those."


LaelShine said...

HA ha! You can always count on a kid to point out stuff like THAT!

Gingers Mom said...

Lael, boys are harsh. LOL

Lori Wescott said...

Oh my!!! He is too much. I recently received a complement from my 3 yr old boy that I was a beautiful, beautiful chicken. That was the best he could come up with.

RD Robertson said...

What a cute boy! Your boy is looking too pretty in his graphic tees. I like it. Thanks for sharing everything.