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Monday, November 29, 2010

Save Some Money This Christmas ***MORE DEALS

I have become addicted to saving money.  Always looking for a new way to save, Dan says I am going to bankrupt us by saving money.  Haha.  But with the Holidays fast approaching, I figured how can't stand to learn a few ways to save money this Christmas?

My personal favorite...Swagbucks.  I learned about this one at my MOPS (mother of preschoolers) group.  I signed up for it last January and use it as my search engine instead of Google or Yahoo - it's totally free.  It can seem tedious - like you aren't earning much but it adds up.  I earned $200 in Amazon.com gift cards this year just by switching search engines.  The key is never using the address bar.  Type EVERYTHING into swagbucks.com.  Going to Facebook?  Don't go directly there...swagbuck it first.  The points add up.  You get rewarded usually 3-5 times a day.  The best prize to exchange for is the amazon.com $5 card.  We got our kids a free Nintendo DS and more for Christmas.

Ebates  I just learned about this one from a friend on Facebook.  Sign up for an account - it's free.  Instead of going directly to a site, see if there is a link on ebates.  They will give you cash back for certain websites.  I live in Hawaii and most of my shopping has been online so I don't have to brave the post office during Christmas with my 3 short loud people.  In 1 week I have earned back about $15.  Just an extra little step online and you get yourself some money back. Not too bad...  Certain sites you even get cash back for gift cards (like Nordstrom!)

Giftcardgranny  You can purchase discounted gift cards here.  Some are pretty inconsequential, but others are quite significant.  And shipping is usually free.  I would say 90% are from ebay auctions, but there are many with card companies and have good ratings.  Even buying on ebay is not a bad idea if it is from a credible seller.

I just discovered this one today.  And LOVIN it.  HauteLook has all kinds of sample sales.  I just bought some killer Dav peacock rainboots for less than $25 with shipping.  The same brand on amazon was $70.  They also have deals on True Religion jeans starting at $89 right now.  Check it out, all.  I think I'm in looooove.

I know there are a lot more deals out there.  But these are the ones that are working for me.  I hope you have a blessed Christmas.  Mele Kalikimaka!!


Danifred said...

Who DOESN'T love to save money! Love these ideas.

Caro said...

Thank you so much. I need to remember to use my swagbucks more. You rock!