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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

How are you doing there? Are you having fun there? We are going to send cookies and carrots there.

Can I please get Cruncher for Christmas? I would like a new trampoline but it is a little bit smaller than bigger. Can I please get a new Hulk play-doh game because the play-doh went nasty. Can I please get some Spidermans, I don’t really have that much now because I lost some. Can I please get a stuffed animal Linus? Can I please get a Donkey Kong Wii game? There are these octopuses that help you and if you go in the drain you have to be Diddy Kong. I want pajamas – Red Spiderman except it’s a little bit bigger. And I want a DS....maybe....if Mommy says yes. Can I please get some markers? I would like a Spiderman helmet and a honker. And I really want more but I can’t remember what it’s named. I want a Game Stop card. And I want some more sheets. Iron man kind and Hulk. Ooh! And Venom kind, but it’s not the black Spiderman. I would like some tools, play ones. I don’t got my own. I want a Luigi plastic toy, and Toad, and a Mario. And I want a new Mario Kart game.

Thank you, Santa!


Dear Santa,

I just want to tell you my list. I want a game. I want a Super Paper Mario game. I want more games. I want a Super Mario Galaxy. Because Vincent always be’s Mario. My Super Mario 2 can be Vincent’s. I want some toys. I want some Cars toys. And Mario brothers toys. I want Dragon Lightning, I never buyed him. That’s all.

Thank you Santa.



Mz.Elle said...

heeheehee,those are way too cute!

m. christine weber said...

Hahahaha...I LOVE this post ;-).

Gingers Mom said...

I threw it on here so I could keep a copy. Every year I write down what they say word for word. It usually is amusing. :)