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Monday, March 01, 2010

Spotlight on a Good Read

One of my dear friends from college (just last year, mind you since I am only 21 again...ahem) has a fascinating and entertaining blog called A Girl and Her Books.  It's about alot of things, almost all sarcastic and to my delight, somewhat mocking...but also mainly wonderful literarly insight.

This week she has written a post about Lewis Caroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland.  She awaits the movie with great excitement as many of you are I am sure. 

I left her a comment that I will share with you as well.  Do you plan to see the movie?

Unless my daughter binds and gags me and drags me kicking and screaming, I will not be seeing the movie. The mere commercials give me the heebie geebies. I will have nightmares for months, I can tell. The creepiness lands in the range somehere between that of the Burger King “King” character and and the bizarre, frightful nature of mayonaise. Shudder…..

Does anyone else get chilled to the bone at the commercials?

Then again, does anyone else have nightmares about Birds of Paradise?  Just me?


mary said...

Haha! Yes, birds of paradise flowers are a bit too weird for me. I'm scared.

Glad you approve of the blog :-). I should get a gold star or stamp with my "Kristin's seal of approval" on it somewhere, don't you think???

mary said...
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Gingers Mom said...

My seal of approval is a true treasure. I'll need a bribe in an unmarked envelope. Small bills are preferred.

Anonymous said...

LOL,you two! ^
I think the movie looks pretty freaking creepy too and what's her name...you know the chick I mean,always stars with Johnny Depp in some form or another,looks so weird. I'm almost afraid she lives in my closet.

Ginny said...

I have always hated the king too. Although, I have to say the new king commercial cracks me up.."Catch that king, he's crazy!" As for Alice, I think the critics like it so I probably won't.

BK said...

You will never find me in a theater watching Alice in a Wonderland too.

Kevin said...

I think we should beat and stab the Burger King guy with the Bird of Paradise. Hee Hee.
Does your friend know Lewis Carroll was a raving pedafile and the book was about his next door neighbors little girl. He actually belonged to a men's group for petafiles. Yuck sick bastard!

Gingers Mom said...

So where is that love all people attitude I aspire to so much??


Yeah, I heard about his being a pervy perv.