We can do it

Saturday, March 13, 2010


My parents visited us from the mainland.  And...shocker...Dan spent most of their 2 weeks here traveling or out to sea etc.  So for much of their visit they slept in my room and I roomied up with Red.  She was sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor and me in her bed.  As we were getting ready for bed one night,  I offered to  sleep on the couch in the living room so Red could have her own bed.

"No mom, you need to know what it is like to not have a TV in your room."

Does CPS remove children from homes for such deprivation?


GingersMom:  Red, if you get any more beautiful the boys are gonna come after you and you'll have to beat them off with sticks.

Red:  YES!!!!

GingersMom:  Yes to the boys a'comin or yes to the sticks?

Red:  Both!!!


Yesterday I was sitting mindlessly like tub of jello (As per usual), the kids outside playing when I heard Savannah shouting:


One might become alarmed to learn their neutered male dog is giving birth.  However, as one wise friend once told me...denial is key.  The best parenting advice ever...just pretend it's not happening.


Mike, Nicki, and the boys said...

Miss blogging myself....I'm hoping to maybe do a bit on my kitchen blog. :(

Anonymous said...

She is FUNNY! And quick too!

And do I even want to know why Savannah thought the dog was having puppies?!

Anonymous said...

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mary said...

The older I become, the more convinced I am that denial is the key to MANY things. Wrinkles, bodily functions, weird people, people you're not sure if they're pregnant or just "look that way," what counts as "having a sexy bod," what's in style, and what my children do in the grocery store when they think I'm not looking.