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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We spent the weekend trying to survive Pukefest 2010 in the Ginger household.  We tried to take out the entire neighborhood with our creepy crud - and managed a couple friends.  But since  we have no neighbors and live a deserted GHETTO we only reached out and touched a few.  Poor Boo spent his 4th birthday in the ER.  Nothing says happy birthday  like squirting out both ends. 

Today Savannah came home from school with a tummy ache.  Mean heartless mommy that I am, told the assistant nurse that I thought she was faking it.  She did not seem amused.  So I went to get the little faker from school who had plastered the obligitory sad sad sicky pout on her face.  The head nurse was in the office by then.  She nodded at me with a knowing look on her face.  She's got Red's number.  "I didn't call you."  We have an understanding.  "Oh I know..." I said.  Here at home she is delightfully skipping around and singing.  Another point for team Red.

On another note, she decided to take a bath.  With tons and tons of bubbles.  I walked by and she had covered her head and face with bubbles to look grey haired and bearded.  She shouted out as I walked by, "I am George Washington's Wife!"  I am sure Martha is looking down on us and appreciating us so so very much.

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Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

She definitely gets creativity points for the bubble wig and beard! I am so sorry everyone was so sick and am glad that they are all on the mend!