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Friday, January 08, 2010

And So We Wander....

When as a mother, you get a moment to stop. Sit. Have a cup of coffee. And listen to....silence.

(Yeah right...)

No really. We get that now and then don't we? Kids at school, napping? If not, proceed to kitchen for frying pan and go beat on the man that impregnated you. Right now.

Ok, so here you are enjoying the silence. Some people use this opportunity to clean. (Ick) Watch TV, read...ok. Exercise (double, triple ICK) Me? I wander. In my mind...wander off. I'm sure other people do it. It can't just be me. But my mind truly is a Wonderland of things to discover and contemplate.

Sometimes I have deep meaningful thoughts and conversations in my head. But mostly...mostly...it goes something like this.

Ah...it's quiet in here. Bliss!
I should pick up those toys....nah.
Why is that Barbie staring at me?
Why is it naked?
Why is it always always naked?
I remember when my boobs were perky like that.
Why does my husband always grab my boobs when the kids "aren't looking"?
What does he find so appealing about me bending over the dishwasher?
I should take chicken breasts out of the freezer for dinner.
Last time I made chicken the kids said it smelled like feet.
Why does the boys' room ALWAYS smell like feet?
When is the last time they had a bath?
When is the last time I had a shower?
If I don't shave soon I am going to have to get me some Birkenstocks.
I should add granola to the shopping list.
That Barbie is still staring at me....


Ms.L said...

LOL @ double tripe ick!
I love reading where your thoughts go:)
And I love your new look!
I am SO going to mosey on over there and check out some templates.

Gingers Mom said...

Exercise is my nemesis. What can I say? LOL
There are tons of templates. Check out this site:

She has links to a bazillion bacgrounds and templates. It is so easy now with the new blogger. I spent hours shopping. heehee

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

Were you inside my head?! My 'train' of thought feels less like a train and more like a 32-car-pile-up during rush hour. And they are ALWAYS naked. ALWAYS.

JCK said...

Focusing on Barbie can lead to severe stigmatism. LOL. You captured the mom's train of thoughts so well!

Gingers Mom said...

You ladies are a crack up. LOL. A 32 car pile up. What an accurate description.
And what is it about the nakedness? I think Barbie is some kind of dirty dirty whore....

Anonymous said...

Barbie is a dirty dirty whore! At least in our homes! Love the look, totally reminds me of you. Love that you have been posting. Wish I was there to beat the rat turds with you. You with a bebe gun I would pay money to see!!! Wish we could go for roasted artichoke appie and cheesecake and a fat ass martini!

Love you

cajunjenn said...

That is SO me! Except my daughter doesn't "do" the Barbie thing, so it's dinosaurs LOL
o, and at least now I know my hubby isnt' the only odd one LOL

Caro said...

Ha, you sound like me during sex. Snort.

mary said...

1. This is seriously funny.
2. You make me seriously laugh.
3. I love this blog. Seriously.