We can do it

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My creative juices have dried up. My children have sucked every semi intelligent and witty thought from my brain and fed it to the dog. At least that is my theory. Either that or those brilliant and pithy ideas have ended up in the same place as all the missing socks.

If anyone happens to know where they can be found, you have hit the jackpot.

My husband does not believe me that the dryer eats the socks. But he is wrong. I know it. I believe that my dryer has gotten tired of cotton socks and has turned carnivorous. It now feasts on my brain as I do endless load of laundry.

Beware. Laundry WILL destroy your brain cells. That is reason enough for me to avoid it.


We are in the process of packing up our house for the big move. We don't leave for Hawaii until March. But we have rented out our house and will be living with my parents for the next 4 months.

My kids are thrilled. It is similar to being told that you will be living at Disneyland. With endless cookies and bowls of candy.

They dream of dinners consisting of nothing but olives and marshmallows.

I am pretty sure that they are disappointed that Dan and I are actually going to be living there too.

We are the destroyers of all joy.

Bound and determined to taint their Grandma and Poppa - palooza.

I fear for our safety. They are going to be evil greedy over sugared monsters by the end. Have pity on me.


Mike, Nicki, and the boys said...

You have my sympathies, esp since we just got back from a few months with my inlaws. Look on the bright side... you're the baby of the family, so at least your parents won't have any overly spoiled disrespectful teenagers running around the house encouraging your children to act like savages. And at the end of the 4-month grandparent-palooza, your gift will be a PCS to Hawaii.

Since renters are taking over your house, does that mean that your household goods are heading to Hawaii sooner than later? Always wonder to myself how those logistics get figured out. Good luck with the renters... hope you got some good ones!

Caro said...

Mmm, candy for dinner. Room for one more?